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Living in Ireland

The Great Dublin Castle

In our blog the theme of castles is rather actual and we will return to it again and again. Today we are going to talk about a castle which has always played an important role in the life of Ireland. It is Dublin Castle, which like Malahide Castle has a well preserved inner interior.

It is interesting that Dublin Castle is not as spectacular outside as inside. As in our understanding a castle is firstly a close square of vallums with massive towers in corners. In the case of Dublin Castle from the castle walls there are only some small parts and only one tower. There has remained a Upper Castle Yard in front of Dublin Castle, where some times, there is held festivals and exhibitions, for example the exhibition of Sand Sculptures. .

Dublin Castle

But then, there have been preserved some things that attach value to the Castle of Dublin, these are so called State Apartments. It is in these apartments, from the moment of completion the building of Dublin Castle in 1230, where the residences of Irish vice-kings, British governors and the first President of the Republic of Ireland were located.

Accordingly, we have a unique opportunity to visit Royal apartments at a moderate charge of 4.5 euros. And we will see them in the form in which they have come to us from the XVIII century excluding the fire in 1941. But the medieval interior of Dublin Castle was mostly destroyed in the fire of the XVII century.

Battleaxe Landing in Dublin Castle

In total, in the State Apartments of Dublin Castle there are 10 Rooms, situated on the first floor of the castle, where large stairs lead ending with Battleaxe Landing. At this landing, on the walls, there are the personal coats of arms of the former presidents of Ireland and there is space for the personal coats of arms of the present president of Ireland, Mary McAleese.

But the most triumphant place in Dublin Castle is St. Patrick’s' Hall, where dances used to be led. Let us note that Dublin Castle is now used not only as a museum castle, but also as the place for important events at state and international levels including inauguration of the presidents of Ireland.

St.Patrick's Hall in Dublin Castle

In conclusion, here is some small advice. The excursion in Dublin Castle does not include visit of the only undestroyed the Record Tower. But if you go round the castle on the other side, you will see a small front door and a lantern with inscription “Garda” above it. Don't get afraid, it is not an Irish police-station, but the museum of Irish police “Garda”, which is located in the Record Tower of the Dublin Castle and you will be able to visit it free of charge.

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