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Living in Ireland

How I met the President of Ireland

Today I would like to tell you about how I met the President of Ireland. This happened several years ago, when I was studying English at one of language centers of Dublin. We were lucky to receive an invitation to the meeting with the President of the country. I could not believe that such a busy person had managed to find time to meet foreigners in order to take a close look at their life in Ireland. Later I learnt that Mary McAleese arranged meetings with different people, social and religious organizations.

When we came to the President’s Residence in Phoenix Park, there were many students there. Many students of African nations were dressed in bright national costumes. Mary McAleese, wearing a nice but formal suit, with her husband,who was greeting everybody in a great hall. Each group, by turn, came up to the President and her husband, who personally greeted them, held their hands and asked questions. There were quite a lot of students but the President was talking deliberately and steadily. It was evident that the answers were interesting to her.

a meeting with the president of ireland

Then we had an excursion around the President’s Palace. We were shown some hospitality rooms and a hall, they told us about where courts and meetings took place, and then we were invited to the garden. There were tables served with refreshments and different drinks. There were groups of artists performing songs and dances of different cultures. It was surprising that there was a small amount guardians and all guests felt rather comfortable.

a group portret with mary mcaleese

Soon, Mary McAleese came into the garden and gave speech of welcome, where she told about her school time. She was frank and simple and that was why she inspired respect to herself.

After the speech, the President od Ireland wished good-bye to everybody and the guest has possibility to communicate with one another.

I hope that it was not the last meeting with presidents!

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