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Trips to Ireland. /Part 2/

If you’re a fanatical fisherman, then a trip to Ireland won’t let you down. What’s really noteworthy is the fact that you have the opportunity to catch small sharks on a boat and fish in the ocean. For example there’s a Golf and Fishing Club in Kilarny. You can also add to this the clubs of scuba diving fans and lovers of underwater fishing.

How about going to Ireland with the aim to have hikes?! Ireland is a heaven for lovers of this kind of sport! Think about it, in Summer the temperature of the air is only +18C-+20C. This is absolutely perfect temperature for long distance hikes and bike rides.

fishing in Ireland

If you count the fact that the paths for hikers are located in the more beautiful places of Ireland, it’s enough to envy the adventures that have the opportunity to go for these walks. We can name the more interesting routes, like the Ring of Kerry, the Dingle Peninsula, Beara, Inishowen, Howth, the coast of Carlingford Louhg and the Antrim coast in Northern Ireland.

That’s not counting the five National Parks of Ireland: Connemera in Co. Galway, Glenveagh in Co. Donegal, Killarney in Co. Kerry, Wicklow in Co. Wicklow and Burren in Co. Mayo. Plus the mountains like for example, the Carrantuohill Mountain.

hikers in Ireland

A trip to Ireland could also be a great trip for horse lovers. The centre’s for lovers of horse racing are located in the Counties Galway, Sligo and Kerry. In Co. Mayo horse racing can also be combined with relaxing in a spa hotel. Although we aren’t lovers of horse racing, but imagining the green Irish fields and kilometres of sandy beaches, we’re happy for lovers of this truly royal sport.

Of course another reason to visit Ireland is golf. Sadly we haven’t yet joined this game, but driving past Irish golf courses, we can’t wait to put ourselves in the list of lovers of this noble sport.

irish golf courses

Our small post doesn’t allow us to tell you about all the reasons to go to Ireland, but we don’t have the right to not mention the Irish pubs, famous castles, historic monuments, horse and greyhound races and the overall good spirits and kindness of the Irish. A bonus in going to Ireland is that it’s not an extremely large island – only 250 kilometres wide and 400 kilometres high.

In conclusion we would like to say that the choice in going to Ireland rests only with you. But the 1.5 million tourists that went to Ireland in the first three months of 2011 weren’t disappointed. So, until we meet again on the “emerald” island.

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