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Living in Ireland

The rope "Carrick-a-Rede" Bridge

The final part of our trip to the Northern Ireland was a walk across a rope bridge which is situated in five kilometres from the “Giant’s Causeway”. This place «Carrick-a-Rede”, is also very well known and attractive for tourists looking for adrenaline buzz. The rope bridge, which is about 20 meters long and only one meter in width and situated at a height of 30 meters, supposedly, should rattle nerves and heat the imagination, but in reality the bridge proved to be much more prosaic. Though for children, may be, it is quite impressing.

the rope carrick a rede bridge

Moreover, it seemed to us that the bridge used to be used for some business purposes, but then enterprising businessmen decided to make it a tourists attraction. But it is only our suggestion proved only by presence of entrance tickets for this attraction.

nature of ireland

In any case, the money spent for walk on the bridge «Сarrick-a-Rede” are paid off by beautiful sights opening to us while a 2 km walk to the bridge. The views are somewhat similar to “Cliffs of Moher” but pony-sized: the sea, gorgeous rocks with nesting birds on them.

nature of ireland

The return trip ran through wonderful places though without the sea and rocks. A similar picture is if you are approaching “emerald island” Ireland by plane. Bright green hilled country with little squares of grazing lands and green plantings with pasturing cows and farm buildings inspire calmness, peace and naturalness of environment.

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