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Living in Ireland

Miracle New Year

Today I want to tell you about New Year’s miracle, which happened in Ireland on New Year’s Eve 2010.

miracle new year in ireland

Generally, in Ireland, they celebrate New Year not as fun as, for example, in Russia. You cannot hear chime from the city tower here, the President does not give New Year speech with wishes, you will not watch fireworks here, as well as in London. Everything is calm and quiet for all energy, probably, is spent for Christmas celebration. And indeed, there is no winter here, in Ireland. Grass and bushes are green all year round and rains are usual summer and winter. Average temperature is about +8. Though this winter has been rather cold, the temperature was about -9. But let us go back to the New Year’s Eve.

It was freezing slightly outside. Now 2010 year entered into force. And suddenly, it started to snow. It was real, white, and flaky snow. We were just delirious with delight. Like children, we ran out and started to play snowball fight and take pictures of ourselves. I was a bit disappointed that I had my children to bed and they were not able to look at all this beauty.

snowman in ireland

The next morning, the 1st of January, the snow did not melt away. It glittered in the sun and it was wonderful. We even did not want to have breakfast and together with children ran out. And again, we played snowball fight, we sculptured a snowman and took pictures. We enjoyed and felt happy, we laughed even when a snowball hit one of us.

There has not been such a winter in Ireland since 1982. Snow and cold weather lasted for about two weeks. School vacations were prolonged for a week.

Snow in Ireland, especially on the New Year’s Eve, is a real miracle! That was the great surprise, the New 2010 year gave to us.

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