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Living in Ireland

The Majestic Castle in Ireland

Today, we would like to present a post by our work colleagues.

Ireland is an island located on the British Isles with Dublin as its capital. The languages used here are English and Irish and it boasts a population of around 4 million people. During the pre-historic times, Ireland was a land covered in ice and there are less people living here because of the cold surroundings. Only after the ice melted and gave way to the soil underneath did humans occupy this land around eight thousand years ago.

Ireland is one of the members of the European Union, so the European citizens of countries like England and Poland do not need a visa to enter Ireland. This country has four international airports where the primary airport is the Dublin International Airport. Thousands of passengers get in and out of the airport each day and this Dublin airport is one of the most busiest airports in the world.


The castles in Ireland are Majestic. If you visit Killarney in Ireland, you will be amazed with the artefacts that the people from the past left in this place. One of them is Ross Castle which is located inside the Killarney National Park. This castle was built 400 years ago and the surrounding view complement the gorgeous view of the castle. This castle was built with murder holes to harm the intruders who want to conquer the castle, and the stairs here are also uneven so that intruders must be careful while running up and down the stairs to slow them down. Ross Castle is just ten minutes from Killarney city centre, so it is really easy to visit this magical castle.

Aside from the castle, you can also go travelling on the Ring of Kerry, which is a long road that circles Iveragh Peninsula that provides the most stunning view you can see in Ireland. You can travel through the roads in your own rental car or hop in one of the bus tours available. If you want to avoid the massive crowd, you can try to visit the place in winter where the crowd is small and also the weather isn't that cold.


In conclusion, Ireland is a great place for those who are searching for a place to relax and just enjoy the beautiful scenery and buildings that this country has. Make sure that you come here with your families and friends becuase you will really love your vacation here!

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"Ireland is an island located on the British Isles with Dublin as its capital."

Less of the BRITISH Please!

Nice site though!

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Thanks for criticism!


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