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Living in Ireland

Irish Weather

One of the most important aspects of living in any country is the weather conditions. Ireland is not an exception and today we would like to share with you our impression about Irish weather.

Having lived in continental Russia for decades and having moved then to the island, at last, we understood the difference between continental and island climate. The main difference is in quick change of weather.

In any season, the weather in Ireland is so changeable that all weather wisdom which is fair for Russia cannot be applied in Ireland. For example, if in Russia we can see the starry sky at night, then we are sure about good weather the next day. In Ireland such starry sky does not designate certain weather. The next day may be both sunny and rainy.

spring,summer and autumn in Ireland

Rains also differ from continental. Their main difference is in the fact that most rains are short-time and not pouring. There is also a special Irish term for such rain – “shower”, it is a short dribble. And of course there are long rains.

Everybody knows that air masses determining whether are formed above the ocean and are in constant move. Respectively, a little island, which is Ireland, is more often the subject to their influence, than a huge continent. That’s what qualities frequent changes of weather even during the day.

Air temperature in Ireland is rather equal. There are no too high or too low temperatures. From the first sight it seems to be strange as Dublin is situated at the latitude of Berlin and Tula where seasonal differences are rather big.

February in Ireland

Explanation for this paradox is simple enough. The warm current, the Gulf stream, which is running not far from Ireland gives some of its warmth to the island of Ireland. Beside this, the vapour of this current prevents sun rays from reaching the island. As a result, these factors produce the weather which is not so different in seasons.

The best weather in Ireland is, as a rule, from the second part of the summer till the middle of October. This period has most of sunny days and air temperature reaches +22C, though there can be days with the temperature of +16C.

snow in Ireland

The worst weather in Ireland lasts from January till March and is accompanied with cold and strong wind with rains and almost complete lack of sun. But the air temperature remains enough high, from +2C till +13C. That is why grass is always green on the island and even palms are growing.

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