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Living in Ireland

Education in Ireland. Learning English in Ireland, Part 2.

Continued from “The English language – a Door into the Future of your Children”,

A different way to put this is, that with this type of training soon your intuition will help you decide the right way to form sentences when you are speaking or writing. Everything happens as if you are an infant, who is learning to speak (after all, they don’t know anything about grammar). But it’s only possible to learn this while living in the country where the language you are learning is native! We won’t take into account the intense language training that students in spy schools undergo.

Playing, talking and learning in a place where everyone speaks the language you are trying to learn, you begin to figuratively, ‘soak up’ the language. This is especially noticeable at an early age. This is because the age difference between the ages of 15-16 and 19-20, is very important when studying any language.

And if your goal is to open forth a whole world of possibilities for you child through the English language, then the positive effects of schooling in an English Secondary school are hard to overestimate.

Another positive thing about education in an Irish secondary school is that in the graduating classes of Irish schools, there is an option to do an additional exam on the subject of any foreign language. Naturally, the children that come to an English-speaking country to learn English in a secondary school don’t forget their native language. And those who do this exam successfully get 25% of the marks added to the overall scores in their Irish Leaving Certificate.

It’s no surprise that, foreign graduates of Secondary schools have a lot more opportunities when it comes to enrolling in Universities not only in Ireland but also every other English speaking country.

So now that we’re clear on the advantages we can only think of two disadvantages. The first one is the very high price that most private schools charge for a student. When we wrote about education in Irish secondary schools we paid close attention to the fact that only private schools have the ability to teach foreign students.

The second disadvantage is the fact that foreign students have to spend a long time away from their families. But actually, this disadvantage isn’t as bad as most people think. From early Christian times, elite education has always been given to children away from their parents.

This reminds us of the college where Pushkin received his education, the ascetic education received by pupils in the best English speaking private schools, the Irish monasteries, like for example, the monastery of Glendalough where, at the time, the education of societies elite members, and even future saints, for example St. Kevin, took place.

In Ireland, private schools still maintain the traditions of Irish education. Most of these schools have a rich, centuries-old history of education. Accordingly, the process of education has been harnessed to perfection during this time. This is usually more pronounced in private boarding schools.

A chance to get into one of these schools will open up a vast world of opportunities for your child. And to help you overcome the loneliness and anxiety that comes during the process of having your child go to such a school, we would like to tell you that you have us to help you through the hard times and that we will support your children all the way through their education in private Irish schools.

In our following posts we will introduce you to the way these private schools operate and also to some of these schools.

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