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Living in Ireland

Irish culinary favours

Our story about Irish culinary favours is coincided to the national celebration of the Fish and Chips day. This event is taking place in Ireland for the first time, though traditions of cooking deep-fried fish, chips and burgers are more than 125 years old.

The pioneer of the dish which has become national in Ireland were an Italian immigrant Giuseppe Cervu and his wife Palma. They managed to organize cooking and selling of fried fish and potatoes in the centre of Dublin so well that they found respect among local population and became an example of successful entrepreneurship. In 1885 there was created the Irish Traditional Italy Chippers Association (ATICA). Their motto “Fast, tasty and take away” has been used by Giuseppe’s followers ever since.

beshoff traditional fish and chips

Considering the fact that Ireland has been a quite poor country for quite long time, fish and fried potato being food for simple labouring people, Ireland people liked them very much. When people welfare turned better and there appeared possibility to buy any products, favour to fried fish and potato was hands-down winner.

And probably, if now you ask Irish people about their preferences in food, most of them will answer for Fish and Chips instead of fresh fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, you do not need to interview people in the street, you will meet there men and especially women whose appearance will prove their gastronomic preferences.

celebrate national fish and chip day

The most astonishing is the fact that for the time being, in the abundance of fruit and vegetables, you can find children who not only do not want to eat fruit regularly, they even have never tasted some of them. While most of them are ready to eat Fish and Chips for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Now in schools they are trying to form habits to eat fruit and vegetables, but the results will be seen only after several years.

For fairness’ sake, we should notice that Irish cookery is not only different small take away restaurants, but, first of all, the famous seafood: prawns, crabs, oysters, mussels and of course fish. Best cooks are competing in cooking these delicacies at the annual festival of shellfish lovers, where gourmands from all over the world come to take part.

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