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Our visit to the National Botanic Gardens

Today we continue to present the park richness of Dublin and it is the turn of the National Botanic Gardens. We shall start our story with shortcomings of the park. Fortunately there is only one, which is the lack of parking places for cars. Of course, it is not surprising as the botanic garden was laid 215 years ago, when there were not only cars, but this district of the city of Dublin itself.

In comparison with the main park of Dublin, Phoenix Park, the National Botanic Gardens is much smaller with its area of 25 hectares while the area of the Phoenix Park is 707 hectares.

the national botanic garden dublin

Nevertheless, as you see, not everything is measured by size. The main advantage of Dublin botanic garden is its diversity of the plant kingdom presented there. During the whole period of its existence, in the botanic garden there have been thoroughly created a unique plants fund and at present there are more than 20 thousand kinds of plants.

In the territory of the National Botanic Gardens there are several greenhouses for tropical plants and for other plants which are not used to the climate of Ireland. Personally for us, we were interested in the greenhouse with plants, which are not used to our climate, but whose fruit we eat regularly. These are plants giving coffee beans, tea, avocado, olives, pomegranate and many others.

the tropical plants in the botanic gardens dublin

For livers of cities, especially for children, it was very interesting to get acquainted with one of the part of the botanic garden, where fruit and vegetables, widespread in the whole territory of Europe, are grown, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, grapes and others.

Peculiar flavour of the botanic garden we would call a rose garden and a stone garden. First of all we should note that the rose garden is not that much large like in the Saint Ann's park, but it is very neat and well-conditioned.

a stone garden in the botanic garden dublin

And now here is some advice. While going to the National Botanic Gardens for a walk, take into consideration that it is free, but you will not be able to roller-skate, ride a bicycle, play a ball or even just run. The watchful security will politely stop you. And they will not allow you to walk your darling dog.

But we believe that all those prohibitions are not so important and they will not prevent you from spending a great time in the National Botanic Gardens. Moreover, this summer they opened a new building where all visitors are offered all the conditions to have some rest and acquire new strength to continue their walk. So you can surely plan the visit to the botanic garden for the whole day.

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botanic gardens

I really like dublin botanic gardens - this is one of the places in dublin where, i think, harmony exists.

to Andrew

Thank You very much for the comment and I will see You in the pages of our blog.

Botanic Gardens

Yeah, I also agrre with that. This place is so really romantic. I love it.

to Brenty

I agree with you too! Thanks


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