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Living in Ireland

The Bloom Garden Festival

After all, the summer is wonderful time. It is very good that there are people who not only admire all this beauty but also help nature to express itself by all this rave of colour. In the first place, this is gardeners, florists, park workers and all others who get jollies out of work with plants. Having decided to have a look at the Bloom Garden Festival in Ireland, we found out that there were a vast number of such people. We were simply shocked by number of visitors and it was in spite of ticket price from 10 to 20 euro. As it turned out, about 60 thousand people visited the festival during several days last year.

the garden festival in dublin

Festival took place in Phoenix Park on the territory of Victorian Walled kitchen Garden. The organization was perfect for spending a wonderful summer day. The main expositions were in huge tents in order to secure the festival from freak Irish weather. Outside covered pavilions there were presented many templates of gardening design. Each template embodied a certain style. And moreover, each style had its highlights. For example, Chinese style was garnished by presence of a Chinese actress who was performing national Chinese tunes on a national musical instrument. Beside this, on the open grounds there could be seen models of gardening equipment and instruments. And of course, there was a possibility to taste gifts of garden and buy some of them. Moreover, not only to buy a simple strawberry but also choose one of several sorts.

the bloom garden festival in dublin

For those who were tired and hungry, there was a great choice. Some country restaurants from all parts of Ireland offered their signature dishes. They could simply have a bite in moved stalls with hamburgers, fries and different drinks. Those who wanted could simply lie about on lawns or on special pillows listening live music. Though for real listeners there were a tent and chairs. Turning back to organization of the Bloom Garden Festival, I would like to add several words about detailed forethought of the festival. For example, we were just astonished by travelling cash machine and cycle rickshaws that could bring visitors from the farthest parts of the Phoenix Park to the festival place

the garden festival in dublin

In conclusion, let us note that this is the greatest annual gardening festival in Ireland, though there are others, less great in range but not in importance. For example, Rose Festival in a very beautiful Saint Ann's Park.

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