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Living in Ireland

Unusual Irish winter

It is almost one week before Christmas but the weather has already brought us its surprises and gifts. The surprise was snow which started in the end of November and had snowed for almost the whole week. Sometimes it rains and snow mixed and at times, fluffy snowflakes were falling from the sky. Look and behold, for only few days our “Emerald Island” has plunged into a winter dream.

Everything got frozen. Schools were closed, postmen could not deliver mail, and cinema theatres got empty and even shops. Though it is a season of active selling and buying before the holiday. People tried go out more seldom and there were fewer cars in the streets.

winter 2010-2011 in Ireland

Because of lack of snow-removal technique, they managed to remove snow only from the main roads. Residential quarters have been thrown upon their own resources and that is why roads there were just like a real rink. Irish drivers were not used to such roads, but they were at their best trying to drive their cars as carefully as possible.

Only children were happy with such weather. They did not have classes at school and could completely give themselves to winter fun. And many adults did not dare to go to work, that is why they also had fun with their children.

unusual Irish winter 2010-2011

In all yards and parks they built snowmen, and they were so wonderful! Many of them were even taller than those who built them. And somewhere there were even whole families of snowmen. Some managed to build real snow fortresses and snow huts. Of course, there were snow battles, in which very often adults took part.

Despite lack of sledges in local shops, children found very soon the way out of the situation. They adapted for sledding everything that could be used for sliding including swimming boards.

winter and night in Ireland

It looks like the Irish climate is changing, and the winter which had already surprised us with its snowfalls last year, decided to visit our “Emerald Island” more often. We hope that it will not gain the level of Russian winters.

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