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Living in Ireland

Wesley College Dublin – the school that Bernard Shaw studied in!

In our present publication we would like to provide you with another co-educational boarding school in Dublin - Wesley College. The school, though it is called a college, is actually a private boarding school that specializes in secondary level Irish education, such as, for example, St. Columba’s College.

We have spent several years observing this school, before we could recommend it for the education of your children. We did this due to the fact that we were in doubt about the quality of the accommodations in the school, namely, the existence of corridor bathrooms. That is, in each room there isn’t an allocated space for a toilet and shower, instead, all of the showers and toilets are located on certain floors in the general area of the accommodations.

Of course, this reminded us of the accommodations found in a Soviet dormitory, and all the disadvantages and discomforts that this system presents. However, the school compensates for this inconvenience by giving both the bedrooms and recreational rooms certain luxuries that give them a warm, homey feel. In the photo gallery accompanying this post you can see this for yourself.

The advantages of Wesley College also include a cosy lobby, with security located at the entrance of the residential buildings (boys and girls live in separate buildings). However, there is no system of security located at the entrance to the school grounds, such as, for example, the one found in Kings Hospital School.

All living quarters in Wesley College are always very comfortable and warm, which, for a country such as Ireland, can be considered a blessing. However, students are still forced to venture out into the open due to the fact that the academic and residential buildings are located in separate areas.

I also would like to mention another positive attribute of this school. This attribute is that all children receiving an education in the school receive fruit at an almost unlimited level, letting all students have "... to each according to his needs." Fruit is in unlimited quantities everywhere in the school, down to the lobbies of the residential buildings.

Now we want to tell you about some facts relating to Wesley College that we will discuss from an objective standpoint. The first fact regards the percentage of foreign students studying in Wesley College when compared to the percentage of Irish students. Truthfully, the number of foreign students studying in Wesley College is significantly smaller than the number of Irish students, due to the fact that the school administration does not have a set aim or target in regards to the amount of foreign students they want studying in Wesley College.

The second fact is that students have to leave the school campus during the "long weekends", from Friday to Sunday. This usually happens every four to six weeks throughout the school year. This is mainly done for Irish students who live in other counties. You shouldn’t get particularly worried if your son or daughter came to Wesley College from a foreign country, as providing your child with a place to stay during this time is part of our duties as a Guardian.

In regards to all other aspects, Wesley College is a very high quality private school in Dublin, one that we can personally recommend. In support of this, we will give you the names of some of its most famous graduates. The following people have studied in Wesley College: Nobel laureate and writer George, Nobel Prize winner in Physics Ernst Olson, sixth president of Israel Chaim Herzog, the Olympic champion David Wilkinson, who competed at the Olympic Games in Moscow. This isn’t mentioning the numerous other less famous Irish politicians, scientists and athletes who graduated from this school.

We now think that it’s clear to see why choosing the right private school for you isn’t easy and depends on your own preferences and personal needs, although the price of tuition at Wesley College is similar to the prices of tuition requested by The Kings Hospital School and Sutton Park School.

We would like to note that in addition to private mixed schools in Ireland, there are also non-mixed schools. This sort of education has its advantages, that's why such schools in Ireland are the majority.

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