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Living in Ireland

Weekend Breaks in Ireland

Despite the recession, some economically wealthy countries allow their residents to go on weekend breaks. Today we’ll talk about the possible weekend breaks in Ireland. Even though Ireland is an island, it’s well advanced airplane and shipping network makes getting to Ireland quite easy.

For lots of tourists the climate is an important factor when visiting a new country. The Irish climate resembles the European Spring or Autumn; however this island also has ‘almost Summery’ and ‘almost Wintery’ weather.

Landscapes of Ireland

Another important factor for a tourist on a weekend break is their preferences’. You can sort out these preferences into three groups. Some people like to spend their day being active, doing physical exercise or sports, others prefer to simply entertain themselves and the third group enjoy the cultural programme, like visiting museums, historic monuments and festivals.

Depending on the aims with which you come to Ireland there are specific places to suite the specific needs of any tourist. So for people who like to see things in Ireland the preferred place to stay is Dublin.

St.Patrick Festival

Here you can find historic monuments; national (most of them are free) and private museums. All of them are open during the weekends, like the tourist office which offer tours to these kinds of places. Even for those who would like to venture out of Dublin to the Cliffs of Moher or the Giants Causeway, there are also tours, with or without sleepovers. Lots of tours to the castles, national parks and other beautiful places in Ireland are also offered.

For lovers of spending their time being active it’s best to visit Ireland from late Spring to late Autumn. If you visit during this time you would have the chance to immerse yourself in water sports or just to sunbathe in one of Irelands great beaches. For example Barley Cove, which is located in West Cork, went into the top ten best beaches in Europe last year.

Velvet Strand Beach in the Portmarnock

All in all, if going for a weekend brake with the aim of doing water sports, the South and South-West coasts of Ireland are the best place to go. For walks the best places to go are the national parks and lovers of golf can play this sport in most places in Ireland.

In our short review there is only one more reason for going to Ireland for a weekend brake-this reason is to relax and entertain you. For people like that there are limitless ways to achieve this aim. Famous Irish pubs and restaurants offer you a domestic atmosphere with live Irish music, original Guinness and whiskey and dishes straight from the sea. For young adults it’s very easy to find nightclub and for parents with children it’s very easy to find child friendly activities.

Palace Bar in Dublin

And lastly but still importantly, in connection to the fact that during the building boom in Ireland, lots of hotels were build and opened and because of this prices for living in a hotel dropped. This is the same for both small big and small hotels and even for Bed and Breakfast type hotels.

For example, there was a 60% decrease in the five star hotels and up to 30% on all others. So now visiting Ireland for a weekend Breaks, became possible even for people with a small financial gain.

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