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Living in Ireland

The National Wax Museum

Easter weather did not invite to going to the country that was why we decided to visit Wax museum. It was my first visit of such museum and, I should say, I was not out in my expectations. Thickets cost from 7 to 10 euro, it was not such a big price for pleasant and useful spending our time.

The National Wax museum is superior to the Leprechauns museum in quality and number of expositions. The museum occupies four floors, each of the floors can bring pleasure not only from watching well made waxworks, but by following up history of Ireland listening a recording.

wax museum in dublin

The waxworks are gathered up in a certain historical theme and placed in a room or a hall appropriately decorated for this theme. The largest halls are for modern works, where there are world known Irish musicians, sportsmen and actors. In the same halls one can watch movies featuring them or video recordings of sporting contests.

Being a person, who studied history, I liked historical expositions, especially “Good Friday Agreement”.

wax museum in dublin

Gladly, in the museum, there are many places, which can be interesting for children. One of the floors is completely occupied by Puppet Theater, by the room of cartoon characters and by the room of scientific inventions, where your children can run experiments, while you will be able to have additional time to watch expositions freely. Creators of the museum did not forget “adventure-seekers”. Behind the notice board “For adults only” you will be able to watch a medieval bloody torture and other horrors from books or movies.

wax museum in dublin

The only perplexity we felt by seeing the wax figure of the current President of Ireland, Mary McAleese. This waxwork is situated in a very uncomfortable place, namely, in the vestibule of the museum, where people buy tickets, enter and go out of exposition rooms. At the time of our visit, the museum was very crowded, and people unintentionally pressed back the figure and prevented it from being watched properly. By the way, you can read about our real meeting with the President of Ireland in our elder post.

In conclusion, we advise you to visit the museum, especially if you haven’t seen anything similar before.

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