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Living in Ireland

UNESCO Monuments in Ireland - Newgrange.

The situation with Newgrange is very similar. The difference is only in the fact that Newgrange is not a complex like Knowth, but it is a construction. Its height is about 11 metres and diameter is about 80 metres. Scientists have counted that the total weight of the stone blocks and earth is about 200 thousand tonnes!

The peculiarity of the construction is that inside the huge construction there is a small room which together with the entrance hall has a shape of cross. The passage, just like in Knowth, is made of stone blocks settled like goalposts. And, beside this, the passage is so narrow that a huge and gross man cannot shimmy through.

newgrange monument in ireland

The main secret of Newgrange is that in this absolutely obscure, 19 metres long passage, in days of winter solstice, for several minutes, a ray of sun penetrates into the room and reaches the centre of it.

And now, imagine who could design and build such astronomically oriented room 5 thousand years ago. You should take into account that at that time, there were technical difficulties, and the quantity of the blocks reaches 97, and each block weights more than a tonne.

newgrange monument in ireland

From above said, we tend to take the side of esoteric, who call the constructions such as Newgrange and Knowth dolmens. Dolmens are special stone constructions where mentally advanced representers of highly-developed human races that had existed before went away to meditate, preserve and transfer accumulated knowledge to the next generations of human race.

In the world there are found about 9 thousands of large and small dolmens, and almost all known dolmens are far from the sea. In the places where the dolmens are constructed, very often unordinary things happen.

newgrange monument in ireland

For example, in Wiltshire, England, the region of dolmens West Kennet and famous megalithic constructions Stonehedge, there always happen some anomaly things such as UFO visits or appearance of different geometric forms on fields. Isn’t it somehow related to nearness of dolmens?

Considering the fact that the gone civilisation of Atlantida, as some scientists think, was situated on the territory of the modern Ireland, may be those dolmens were their points of information transmittion? Or maybe the dolmens are related to alien civilizations? The future will show. But the fact that in the area of Newgrange and Knowth constructions the mobile connection was very bad or there was no connection at all.

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Its so interesting to learn more about my country! And 200,000 Tonnes?!? Wow!


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