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Living in Ireland

Trips to Ireland

Finally the long awaited summer is here. And with it a season of exploration, active and passive relaxation. Everybody chooses a place, well actually a country, where they can find that which they desire most. Lots of people go to ocean resorts, on explorations in the tropics and endless savannas.

But what can you gain on a Holliday to Ireland, both physically and educationally? In today’s post we will try to figure out the answer to this question. Firstly we’ll start with the Irish summer climate.

If you love to sunbath quietly on sun beds and drink cocktails, wine or beer, a trip to Ireland isn’t for you. Even though surrounding Ireland is the Irish Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and many rivers and lakes.

The thing is that the climate and temperature of the water in the sea or ocean is on such a low level that the only way to enjoy water or air activities in it is to constantly stay active. Possibly the most dominant water sport in Ireland is surfing. In Ireland there is an association of lovers of this kind of sport, the ISA (Irish Surfing Association), which presents six different types of surfing.

So if you’re a lover of this active water sport, just pop down to counties Sligo, Donegal, Mayo and Clare where you can find not only the great wares of the Atlantic, but also surfing schools, where you can rent crucial surfing gear and receive help on learning how to surf.

Even if the only aim of your trip to Ireland is surfing, you’ll still have the opportunity to visit other interesting places that are located nearby. For example, not far from the Cliffs of Moher you can find centre for surfing lovers and oceanic aquarium.

It would be very strange if Ireland didn’t have its fare share of sailing lovers. So upon your visit to Ireland you can become a participant or a spectator of sailing races. Depending on your level of preparation you can participate in small local competitions for example those held not far from West Cork Village, as well as large competitions held at an international level. You can find competitions like these in Dun Laoghare , Waterford or Cork. They are organised by Sail Training International. For example, the Tall Ships Races were recently held in Waterford.

Continuation about Trips in Ireland in our next post.

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