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Living in Ireland

"To Russia with Love" is a charity organisation in Ireland

During the first year of our life in Ireland we unexpectedly learnt about “To Russia with Love” charity. Hard to believe that a tiny country compared to Russia is concerned about orphan children thousands of kilometers away from Ireland.

As it turned out the organisation renders financial support to one of the orphanages in Russia, helps the children become their own masters, visit universities and colleges, and even find a new family.

to russia with love

We all express our deep gratitude to all sponsors, voluntary assistants and to the founder and head of the project, Debbie Deegan in person.

But the most amazing thing is that in Ireland fundraising in order to help somebody is a practice you see always and everywhere. Donations are made and sent both to poor countries and various organisations within the country that need aid.

We are fascinated by the fact that the charity movement finds a vivid echo among the Irish people. Even in primary schools of Ireland during the Easter lent, funds are raised for poor African children. I remember that our elder son, on hearing the story of a poor African family, decided to donate his savings kept in his money box to the poor children, and the junior son made up his mind to part with his favorite toy.

to russia with love

We think it’s an excellent example of how philanthropy and mutual aid should be cherished. The sources of this behavior are, most likely, rooted in the complicated historical past of Ireland when, thanks to mutual aid, people used to save each other and remain alive.

And even the existence of homeless people whom you may see on streets of the Irish capital does not contradict the above. The Irish homeless are also supported but not always, due to their alcoholic intoxication, they can’t enjoy the hostels offered because it is prohibited by hostels regulation. Besides, for some of these people life on the street is even their lifestyle.

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Is Russia is poverty country?

It is very touchingly. But I can't understand. Is Russia needs this help? It has over 80 billioners (total 400 billions dollars!). It builds monstrous Olympiad. It bye military ship of 4 billions

Why children of so rich state need help? Russia forget his children? Only Ireland give them bread?

Answer to Singer
Dear Singer. We can't understand this situation too. It's a pity, but it is true. Why is a small island suppoting children from a huge not poor country? Why can't Russia support them its' self? This is a quastion not to me. Anyway, Ireland is very kind for it's support.
I am not sure
Dear Administrator!

May be I look fascist. But I think this activity is harm.

I was in Russia in 1995. I saw not only Moscow (gala portrait of Russia). I saw province ("glubinka"). I saw neglected buildings with neglected childs. It is horror!

Activity described in this article - not medicine. It is narcotic. "Ireland will help us!"

Answer to Singer
Dear Singer! We respect every oppinion. You can say your oppinion "To Russia with Love". By our oppinion it doesn't matter if the country is rich or poor, orphans are still orphans. Bless those who help them.


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