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Sutton Park School (Part 2)

Now, we would like to touch on another very important feature of Sutton Park School. This feature consists of the fact that this school supports the full Irish educational cycle. That is, apart from being a Secondary School, there is also a private Primary School and even a preschool at Sutton Park School.

Actually, Sutton Park School is, by Irish standards, a very young school. It was founded in 1957 and therefore, has no connection with the church. So far, this is the only school, of all the schools that we have visited, that does not belong to any religious denomination. For parents who do not want the church to have any contact with the school they send their child to, this school is the best choice.

Also, we would like to draw your attention to the opportunities for students to learn music in this school. The Irish are a very musical people and almost all of the Irish private schools teach music. Usually these lessons usually take place within musical bands formed in the school, like they do in Kings Hospital School.

In Sutton Park School, your child can take private lessons in piano, cello, violin, guitar, clarinet and saxophone, as well as vocal lessons.

Now we will talk about the accommodation of students in this school. Sutton Park School also has its own unique characteristics regarding the accommodation of its students. The main characteristic of Sutton Park School regarding this is that the students attending this school can live not only on the school campus, but also in the homes of Irish people.

This is unusual, as most of the Irish private schools are located in quiet places, away from the bustling city centres, such as St. Columba's College. This is why these schools do not welcome children living outside of the school campus. However, Sutton Park School, even though the school itself is found in a quiet area, is located in a residential area called Sutton (found in Howth), the only prestigious area in the North of Dublin.

Therefore, students who live in Irish families, have the opportunity to get to school in a few minutes, even on foot. And given that, usually, the host family is a wealthy elderly couple for whom the ability to be able to communicate with a younger person (since their children have grown up and left a long time ago) is more important than the money, students will be well taken care of.

Now we will talk about the last main feature of Sutton Park School. This feature is associated with the possibility for a student to study for just one school term. When we talked about private schools in Ireland, we informed you of this possibility. But in reality, Irish private schools accept this kind of study with great reluctance. In fact, it turned out that only Sutton Park School is pleased to offer this opportunity to its students.

You can now see, dear readers, that Sutton Park School is a worthy school in every respect; one that allows a student to not only join the Western educational system, but also to prepare them for their entrance and education in universities not only in Ireland but also in universities of the world. Almost 100% of students in this school go to study in a foreign university.

Now we will tell you all about the price of sending your child to study in this school. The price of sending your child to study in this school is by no means small; €22,900 per academic year (2012-2013 school year) to be exact. This is if you would like your child to live and study in the school. If you would like you child to study in the school but live with a host family the price is €7,900 per year plus accommodation. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that students not living in the school can still use all of the same things students who live on the school campus use.

In previous (and present) posts, we told you about private schools in Dublin. However, you can receive a lovely Irish education not just in Dublin but also in schools found in other counties. Therefore, in our next posts, we'll tell you about a mixed private school found forty kilometres from Dublin. The school is called Drogheda Grammar School.

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