Sutton Park School

Today, dear reader, we will talk about another private school in Dublin; a school that takes in students who are not from the E.U. This is school is called Sutton Park School. It has several features, which we'll talk about in this post.

The first and most important feature of this school is that it takes in foreign students, even those who have a fairly low level of English. After all, do not forget that an Irish private school requires far more than just money for it to grant admission to a student.

Such a school will carefully select its future students depending on both the overall level of education and their proficiency in English. After all, if a parent pays good money for the education of their child, they want to be sure that the teacher is not distracted by the weaker students in the class. And speaking of classes, the school adheres to this situation by making sure that the ratio of students being taught by a teacher is 9:1, respectively.

Sutton Park School

Sutton Park School offers its foreign students a chance to improve their knowledge of the English language to an appropriate level. With this aim in mind, Sutton Park School offers its students up to 20 hours of free English lessons per week. These lessons continue until the student feels comfortable in English class.

While we’re on the subject of foreign languages, we would like to draw your attention to another feature of this school. It consists of the fact that there is a large selection of foreign languages for students to learn in this school.

Students can choose from French, German or Spanish, if they have studied the language since First Year in an Irish secondary school (or the equivalent class at a school in their home country). Students can also choose to study Italian during Fourth Year (Transition Year) in a secondary school.

This school has another interesting feature linked to language. Given the fact that currently, Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, and the fact that the state of its economy has a great impact on the economy of virtually every other country in the world, Sutton Park School decided to give its students a chance to learn Mandarin Chinese.

The international programme at UCD Confucius Institute, which is sponsored by the Chinese government, gives the students of this school one lesson of Chinese per week. These lessons are taught by teachers who where born in China. Also, 4th year students who have studied Chinese have the opportunity to visit China on a school trip.

Another very important feature of Sutton Park School is the in-depth study of subjects such as Technical Graphics and Design and Communication Graphics. Students can compete in various competitions in this area and visit international centers abroad, mostly in America.

Actually, United State is also connected to one of this school’s special features. Few people know that for those who wish to pursue a higher level of education in America, it is crucial to pass either the SAT (Schoolastic Assessment Test) or the Reasoning Test. Sutton Park School offers its students courses which teach them how (and what they must do) to pass these tests.

Only two private schools in Ireland, including Sutton Park School, have teachers who are qualified to prepare students for these tests and to show the students willing to take these tests how to pass them. However, the other private school is St. Andrew’s College – a school that operates only during the day. This may not be a very convenient thing for foreign students.

We will continue talking about Sutton Park School (Part2) in our next post...