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Living in Ireland

Ireland can have a great summer too!

Unbelievable as it may sound, but the summer of 2013 has completely changed all of our previous expectations about the Irish weather. Having lived here for over 10 years, we always answered questions about the Irish summer with the statement that, in Ireland, the summer leaves much to be desired and by European standards, it is quite cool.

After all, the usual summer temperatures in this country do not exceed 22 degrees Celsius, with the average temperature during the summer months being a measly 19°C. Often, early fall is even warmer than the summer. And that's not even mentioning the potential of frequent rains throughout the summer months.

Velvet Strand beach

But the unusual change in weather during the summer of 2013 came as a pleasant surprise, not only to the residents of Ireland, but also tourists from around the world. Throughout the month of July, the air temperature in Ireland was held within 22 - 25°C, while being in the total absence of rain. And in some parts of the island the temperature rose up to 29°C!

During this time Ireland began to turn into something of a typical resort country. Given that the coastline of Ireland has a lot of great beaches, this change came on very fast. It was enough to make a trip from the East coast of Ireland to the South and then further up North, up to the territory of Northern Ireland, to confirm this. And even on the West coast of Ireland, where the majestic Cliffs of Moher are located, there are still plenty beautiful beaches.

Velvet Strand beach

The Irish take good care of their beaches because to them they are somewhat of a national treasure, and because of this many Irish beaches have a "Blue Flag." This emphasizes their cleanliness. We are not big fans of going to the beach, but we can easily recommend some nice Irish beaches to you. For example, Dublin itself has two very nice beaches. The first is called Velvet Strand, located in Portmarnock, and the second beach is the one located in Bray.

As for the beaches outside of Dublin, we want to point out Barleycove Beach, located in the area of West Cork, which is one of the ten best beaches in Europe, and the beaches of the Dingle Peninsula.

Beach in Portmarnock

If any of our readers can share their experience(s) of Irish beaches, we will be glad to see your impressions in the comments section of this post.

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