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Living in Ireland

The Street performance in Dublin

In my childhood I just was in love with circus. It was another planet for me, a fairy tale in reality. May be, because of the lack of other kinds of entertainment, but most likely because the real circus is an art with a capital “A”. That’s a pity that Irish spectators almost don’t know world circus stars. I think that the main reason of that is the lack of stationary circus where highly professional circus performances and showy tricks are possible.

the street performance world championship in dublin

But there are artists like circus artists, who do not need neither stationary circus, not a tent show. They trace their history to Middle Ages when circus acts were performed by busker’s right in the streets and squares of medieval towns.

It is remarkable that traditions of street performances have come down to us. What makes those people perform now in our technological time?! I think that it is creative energy breaking out and fed by their talent that need to receive recognition from the public for its development.

the street performance world championship in dublin

It is good that in Ireland those people are widely encouraged and events with their participation are sponsored heartily. Particularly, several straight years, in Dublin, there take place a world championship of street performers. And you can also visit this festival, stay in one of Dublin's hotels for discount price.

This year there were not so many participants and creative teams, less than twenty, but level of their performance didn’t leave indifferent any one.During four days on the territory of Merrion Square there were presented different circus genres. There were an American group of Break dancers, a juggler from Sweden and a Danish team of eccentrics, a group of gymnasts, clowns, a sword-swallower, illusionists and the 4-fold listed in the Guinness Book of World records, a ball juggler, Victor Rubilar.

the street performance world championship in dublin

But the festival was notable not only by artist’s performances; the atmosphere of the fest was wonderful itself. The entire park was flavored with fun, joy and cheer. And what was comfortable, during the day, children and their parents could have a bite, drink or just lie on the lawn grass under the rays of genial sunshine.

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