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Living in Ireland

St. Stephan’s Green Park.

Its situation and history makes St. Stephan’s Green Park very interesting. It is almost three times smaller than Botanic Gardens, but being situated in the very centre of Dublin, it is always attracting for visitors in any season.

From the earliest Х1Х and till 1877, the park was in property of owners of buildings around St. Stephan’s Green. But later, at the initiative of a member of Ireland Parliament, businessman, Sir Arthur Guinness, St. Stephan’s Green was open to public.

a fountain of st.stephan's green

Moreover, Sir Arthur Guinness, at his own expense, he developed St. Stephan’s Green till the condition we can see now and in 1880, officially, he gave St. Stephan’s Green to citizens of Dublin and Ireland for everlasting use.

In the park, from the side of Royal College of Surgeons, which was also sponsored by Sir Arthur Guinness, you can see his sculpture. This monument was settled by citizens of Dublin in acknowledgement to this ingenious person, a member of famous family of brewers, the Guinness. In our next posts, by the way, we plan to tell in details about Sir Arthur Guinness and his family.

the sculpture of sir arthur guinness

Apropos St. Stephan’s Green, let us open the page of the park when during the Easter Rising in 1916, when having sheltered themselves behind the walls of the park, rebellious people fought a battle with British soldiers.

Near the entrance of the park from the side of pedestrian street of Grafton Street you can see another monument related to the campaign for independence of Ireland. This memorial was built in commemoration of Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa, the leader of movements of Fenian and Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB).

big flowre bed in st.stephan's green

Apart from the sculptures, the St. Stephan’s Green is fascinating by its inimitable design of scenery, including a lake with water birds, a huge fountain and several large and small flower beds.

The climate of Ireland allows you to enjoy this beauty all year round. The difference is only in the fact that in the winter trees are not green, lawns are wet and visitors have to shelter themselves from rain in beautiful arbours of St. Stephan’s Green.

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Are you sure?
Isn't it Stephen's Green?
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It is Stephan's Green, definitely, I am sure.


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