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Living in Ireland

St. Ann's Park in Dublin

We have already written that Ireland astonishes by quantity of its parks. How is it possible to place so many large and small parks on such a small island? But it is they who give a special flavour to this really Emerald Island.

a rose garden of st.ann's park

Today I would like to tell you about my favourite St. Ann’s park which is situated in the Clontarf area. In this park there is all needed for family rest and for simple quiet walk. Those who like active rest can find there football fields and tennis courts, cycle lanes and lines for roller-skaters. By the way, I just love to roller-skate along the alleys of St.Ann's park. And the children’s playground is just a paradise for kids. With great pleasure, your kid will ride a wooden horse, chute or climb on a ship just like a real captain. Going to the park don’t forget to take some bread to feed ducks in a small pond. And also you can see a squirrel even often than in a Bryansk forest!

children's playground in st.ann's park

But the main peculiarity of the St. Ann’s park is a rose garden, which covers 52 acres. And if you are tired of the long walk, I advise you to plunge into the fragrance and beauty of those wonderful flowers. Believe me that their diversity and beauty won’t leave you untouched. And you can enjoy their beauty in the pictures in the photo gallery to this article.

Every year, in the middle of July, in St.Ann's park they organize a rose festival. This day there are many interesting events for children and their parents. Different musical and dancing groups perform there. I just adore watching dances of young ballet dancers. And how many entertainments there are for children! There your child will have his or her face painted in a butterfly or a funny tiger-cub. Children will be offered to climb a real fire engine or chat with a real clown. And those who are hot will be watered from a real fire-hose.

st.ann's park

What about me, I really love visiting their DIY workshop, just like having returned to childhood, together with children I glue, cut and make different things of paper.

Besides it is a real paradise for gardening lovers! They can buy much flowers and plants for their gardens, and for sure – roses!

This year the festival will take place on 17-18 July in St.Ann's Park. Come and you will never regret!

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Duck pond

There's signs up now in St Ann's saying don't feed the ducks bread. Defrosted peas or bird seed is better.


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