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The Tall Ships Races 2011, Waterford.

Part 2

Now we’ll talk about the programme of the festival the Tall Ships Races. The perfect location of the ships along the river Suir, the one that the Cahir Castle is located in, gave easy access to any one of them. But visiting the ships wasn’t the only element of this festival.

The main part of this festival was the cultural programme; this was the same for both the participants of the Tall Ships Festival and people attending. After the festive opening of this event by the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, something started that made this festival so noticeable in the cultural life of Ireland. Mobile theatres, exhibitions, artistic and food stalls.

The Ship

The main event of the second day of the festival was a parade by the teams of all the ships. But because of the elongated Summer days there was enough time for a planned musical and theatrical show.

But sadly it wasn’t possible to visit the Tall Ships Races. and the events it held everyday for the three days it was on. You can even judge this for yourself by the fact that there were 48 musical acts from Ireland and abroad. 10 Street Theatre groups and 7 Street Music groups also put on shows on improvised theatrical stages.

Sea Shanty Groups from Great Britain, Holland, Ireland and America also took part. And those who would have liked like to find out more about Waterford were given the opportunity to go to the museum called the ‘House of Waterford Crystal’, a photographic exhibition called ‘A Photographic Journey 1760s-1960s’ or one of the many other exhibitions held alongside with the Tall Ships Races 2011.

On the Waterford's Street during the Tall Ships Races 2011

A night time fireworks display was also planned to happen at the races for three days. But, we went home before the time for which the fireworks were planned for, so we don’t know if they happened or not.

Sadly, we were only at the Tall Ships Races for one out of the four days that it was on for, and it was hard for us to leave the very hospitable Waterford. It was also a pity that we missed the festive leaving of the ships; when the sails are supposes to be put down and the beautiful ships are supposed to leave the harbour and sail away to their goal.

Who knows when the next Tall Ships Races will take place, since the last races took place in the year 2005. So for now we’ll just have to be satisfied with the yearly, but more humble, Maritime festivals in Dublin.

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