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Sea Fishing in Ireland

Today, our post is dedicated to sea fishing in Ireland. The thing is that, Ireland, as an island nation full of numerous lakes and rivers, is a great place to practise this form of both recreation and sport.

Yes, that’s right. Fishing is also a sport. After all, the European Federation of Sea Angling, after seeing potential in the coastal waters of Ireland, decided to carry out their European fishing championships here.

Unfortunately, personally, we do not enjoy this sort of activity, but knowing its importance to others, we decided to cover this topic. For this, I turned to my friend Sergei, who is an avid fisherman, with a request to tell me of his impressions of sea fishing in Ireland. Given that Sergei prefers bottom sea fishing, we can only talk about this type of sea fishing.

This kind of fishing is only possible in Ireland from the beginning of April to the end of October. Knowing Irish weather, one can immediately assume that it will be impossible to combine fishing with swimming in the sea. Unless of course, you find yourself in a violent storm and become soaking wet. However, this experience will be far from enjoyable since the water temperature on the west coast of Ireland (the most popular place for sea fishing), even in the summer and despite the warm Gulf Stream, doesn’t rise above 18 degrees Celsius.

The frequent winds that rule Ireland all year round make fishing at the most an extreme sport and at the least a recreational activity only suitable for people with strong bodies and spirits. A strong spirit is needed because lots of fishing trips end very quickly due to the fact that strong waves can easily cause sea sickness not only in novices but also in more experienced fishermen.

As compensation for the possibility of a failed fishing trip, you will still be able to see the beautiful costal views. After all, the West Coast of Ireland is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the country. Here, you can see the Cliffs of Moher, visit the Aran Islands and go to the Church of St. Nicholas, the a church that was visited by Christopher Columbus before he discovered America. And all this can be found just in one county, Galway!

But now let’s get back to talking about fishing in Co. Sligo and Co. Galway. For starters, you will need to hire a boat, which is specifically designed for the use of tourist-fishermen. Also, you better do this 4-5 weeks before the start of the first fishing trip. The cost of hiring such a boat is about 300 - 350 Euros per day.

But given that fishermen go fishing in groups of approximately 10 people, the cost of such a trip for one person will be significantly lower. Your chances of getting a good haul, without taking stormy weather into the account, are about 95%. After all, these boats equipped with the most modern equipment for detecting schools of fish.

Therefore, your haul of fish per day would be about 40 – 50 kilograms. However, sometimes the haul can be pretty small because although the radar shows the fish, for some reason it will not bite. And there was also one time when two guys who decided to go on a slow, relaxing fishing trip managed to somehow catch 250 kilograms of fish.

The main types of fish that are usually caught are Pollock, cod and mackerel. To the south of Ireland, in Co. Cork you can catch fish such as pike, conger eel, coalfish, the beautiful cuckoo wrasse and even a type ground shark called a dogfish.

You can go fishing with your own fishing gear or you can rent some aboard the boat. The price is usually around 15 – 25 Euros per unit. Often, it is even more profitable to rent gear rather than to use your own. This is because after a day of fishing, hooks and line weights tend get lost, but if you rent gear, replacement is free of charge.

In this small post, it is difficult to convey all the charm of sea fishing in Ireland, but I hope that you will agree that in this technological age, the ability to be able to get in touch with nature in such a way can bring great joy.

We hope that our post will encourage people, whether they live in Ireland or anywhere else in the world, to give fishing in Ireland a try. In the near future, we hope to tell you about fishing in Irish lakes and rivers.

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