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Sand sculptures in Dublin

Who never tried to sculpt anything with sand in childhood?! But turns out that there are such people, for whom this activity became the main thing in their life. Naturally, results of their work are like true artworks. That’s a pity that their work is so fragile and preserved only in photo or video materials. Though their work requires except certain professional skills of sculptor, good knowledge of the ingenious material – sand.

sand sculpture in dublin

For example, the most preferable is river sand, as river grains of sand, in comparison with sea grains, have edges but not a round shape. Beside this, it is necessary to find sand with high concentration of clay in order to make their and keep needed form. And before creating sculptures they prepare special wooden molds in which sand is laid by layers, pressed, watered and tramped.

sand sculpture in dublin

For each sculpture they take considerable much sand. For example, four sand sculptures in Dublin Castle they needed about 80 tons of sand. Building of sand sculptures was timed to the Dublin Viking Festival which took place last Sunday.

sand sculpture in dublin

Three young but rather experienced Dublin sculptors showed their creations on public. And I should say they have everything to be proud of. In all sand sculptures one can feel profound professionalism and possession of creative work. Out of curiosity we got acquainted with the main historical stages of their collective and we found proofs to these conclusions.

sand sculpture in dublin

For example, for the ice exhibition in Germany, those guys created true masterpieces, working almost without rest during two days by 20 degree below zero. Yes, we have forgotten to tell you that usually sculptors who chose for their creative work such ingenious material as sand, they go further and work with other unusual materials such as snow and ice.

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