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St. Anne’s Park Rose Festival

Today, dear readers, we will tell you about a great little festival that is held in Dublin – the Rose Festival. Of course you cannot surprise a Dubliner with summer-time festivals, but this one has a special quality that most other festivals don’t.

This ‘special quality’ is the fact that this festival takes place in St. Anne’s Park, home of Ireland’s largest rose garden and where, previously, the manor of one of Sir Arthur Guinness’ descendants, Baron Ardilaun was situated. Although this festival is quite a bit smaller than the Bloom festival, it boasts quite a large collection of beautiful coloured roses, which people from all over Ireland come to admire.

Usually, this festival is held in mid-July, on Saturday and Sunday. This festival also boasts a very diverse programme. This means that this festival can not only be enjoyed by rose lovers, but also people who enjoy doing recreational activities in the outdoors.

For example, this year people had the chance to visit the following pavilions:

• An exhibition of horticultural societies

• A Story Telling-Library Bus

• An exhibition entitled ‘Weeds are Plants Too’

• An arts & crafts workshop for children

• And many more...

It should be noted that the exhibitions were not only organised by communities in Dublin, but also by representatives from different counties around Ireland.

Apart from the things we mentioned above, the Rose Festival also had places where skilled craftsmen showcased their skills in front of everyone at the festival.

But the most popular pavilion was the one that various musical artists used as a staged where they performed. This pavilion was used not only by musicians but also by a ballet group. We would also like to note that during those two days, these artists performed for a long time, and with only small breaks.

The Rose Festival is a very family-friendly festival; therefore there were plenty of places where parents could entertain their children. A few paragraphs back, we told you that there was a Story Telling-Library Bus where children could listen to stories or read books, but we didn’t mention the National Transport museum, rock-climbing wall and that children could visit while at the festival.

Quite recently, the Rose Festival in St. Anne’s park became home to a Viking Village. We would also like to note that this Viking Village was significantly larger than the one we saw at the Viking Festival in Dublin, which we described in one of our former posts.

The only time this festival slightly disappointed us was when the opening ceremony was slightly delayed. This is because of the fact that, during the time that this festival was held (the second half of July); most of the types of rose were beginning to fade.

Although for people who just came to this festival for a chance to relax, this issue isn’t a problem. The Rose Festival had everything a person would need for relaxation, including several kiosks where hot dishes of international cuisine could be bought. Another bonus to going to this festival is that you get to spend your entire day outdoors, enjoying the summer air.

As the Rose Festival ends a new festival begins. This festival is probably one of the biggest events held in Ireland; it is called ‘The Tall Ships Races,’ and it will be held in Dublin during the summer of 2012, and will begin on the 23rd of August and end three days later.

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