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Queen Elizabeth Visit to Ireland

Today is the 3rd day of Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Ireland. This is the first visit of the British monarch in the history of independent Ireland. The last visit of a person that was in a British ruling dynasty was the grandfather of the current Queen – King George V. His visit happened exactly 100 years ago in 1911.

The economical, social and cultural closeness between Britain and Ireland, from a political’s point of view, has always been under pressure. This is connected to, firstly, the unsolved problem with the territory of North Ireland and secondly, the memory of how the British fought Ireland in the battle for Irish independence.

Police lines in Dublin during the Royal Visit

Of course, the majority of Irish people encourage this visit, however, part of Ireland and especially the Irish Republican Army (IRA), had a set angry mood towards the Queen. For the safety of Queen Elizabeth, Ireland has experienced never before seen safety regulations.

Over 6,000 Gardi and army officers were guarding Queen Elizabeth in places of the Queens visitations. There are various lines of barriers that are under control by the Gardi, which prevent aggressive people getting within throwing distance the Queen.

Gardi in Dublin during the Royal Visit

The Queen started her journey with places that posed importance in Irish history. On the first day of her visit, the Queen Elizabeth, after an official arrival to Residence of the Irish President, went to the Garden of Remembrance, where she laid a wreath for those who died fighting for Irish Independence. Only after that did she visit Trinity College Dublin and its Library.

The main event of the second day of Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Ireland was her visit to Croke Park in Dublin. This is also a symbolic place for the Irish, because at that very place the so called “Bloody Sunday” of 1920 happened. On this day the British forces opened fire and killed 14 innocent people. But to be fair we have to mention that this was probably revenge for the killings of British intelligence officers killed by the IRA.

Motorcade of Queen Elizabeth

There was also another uncomfortable moment in the British – Irish relationship, where 34 people became victims of the British bombing of Dublin and Monaghan in 1974. But the British can complain about the explosions in Great Britan and the killing of Queen Elizabeth’s cousin in Co. Sligo in 1979.

We should take into consideration that the queen’s visit probably aims to make peace between the two countries. On Wednesday Queen Elizabeth was at Dublin Castle, where she gave deep sympathy to those who died in the conflict between Ireland and Britain.

British Flags during the Royal Visit

In conclusion we wish Queen Elizabeth to finish her four day stay in Ireland pleasantly, because she and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, have a fairly large cultural program. Today they are visiting the National Stud and Japanese Garden in Co. Kildare, Guinness Storehouse and at night there will be a concert held for them in a newly opened Conference Centre.

Tomorrow, on the last day of her stay in Ireland, the Queen plans to visit the Rock of Cashel. We hope that the visit of Queen Elizabeth will be a step to a new chapter in the relationship between Ireland and Britain.

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