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Living in Ireland

The Famous Portmarnock

After our story about the peninsula of Howth we cannot help but telling about one interesting place called “Portmarnok” which is further north than the peninsula. In Irish the word Portmanok means “port of Saint Marnok”. An though there is no port here, according to the legend, it is right here, where Saint Marnok came in the 5th century in order to accomplish his missionary work. We can’t know if it was true or not, but ruins of a like-named church and the neighbouring cemetery can be seen even now.

At present, Portmarnock is, first of all, a wonderful beach Velvet Strand. Of course, Irish beaches are not like warm sea beaches but many of them are equipped, first of all, for taking sun baths and bathing of the most weathered people.

Portmarnock beach

The beach neighbouring Portmarnock, is in the world history of aeronautics as the place of the second over flight the Atlantic Ocean. Exactly 80 years ago, a group of enthusiastic people consisting of four persons under the command of Charles Smith, started from the beach of Portmarnock and managed to reach the island of Newfoundland. An Irish captain-navigator, Paddy Soul, was a member of the pilot’s team.

In 1932, a British pilot, James Mollison, set off in a one-man over flight through the Atlantic Ocean from the same beach of Portmarnock and reached the territory of Canada after 31and a half hours.

a wonderful beach Velvet Strand

In honour of the events, in front of the beach, there was erected an eight-tonne monument in the shape of globe with a copper tip, pointing to the North Star and the place from which the famous over flights started.

But even before those events, Portmarnock was famous because of his Nobel laureate for physics, Guglielmo Marconi; the matter is that the mother of this inventor of wireless telegraph was Andrea Jameson, a daughter of one of the founders and producers of Jameson whisky. The family of Jameson owned a family house in Portmarnock and many times the future scientist came to visit his maternal relatives in Portmarnock.


By the way, in the end of 19the century, the Jameson’s sold their family house in Portmarnok and now the building is a four star hotel and a golf course, which is more than 100 years.

Not only the golf courses, but the whole cast neighbouring Portmanok have wonderful views of the Irish Sea and two islands: the Irish Eye and a private island of Lambay, just a compact world for sea birds. And if you are a lover to walk along the coast you have two similarly wonderful choices – to walk to Malahide or to the peninsula of Howth.

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