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Places to visit in Dublin

In one of our earlier post we began talking about Dublin. Today we will continue talking about this subject and explore places you can visit in Dublin in more depth. Before we begin we would like to note that everything we write is based on our opinion and not everyone will agree.

For example the second most visited place in Dublin is the Guinness Storehouse. If you take into account the popularity of this brand it isn’t really surprising that people visit this place by the thousands. But those that visit this place hoping to see the brewing process are disappointed.

In this museum the only thing that you can see are dazzling visual effects and the ingredients used in Guinness. Although, there are two places in this museum where you can taste some free Guinness. But if you take into account the cost of the ticket the Guinness isn’t exactly ‘free’. Another positive thing about this museum is the panoramic, glass bar that is situated on the top of the museum.

Howth Castle

If you are interested in understanding the process of making alcohol based products, then you are better off visiting the old Jameson Distillery. There, with a trained guide you will begin to unlock the secrets of the technologies behind distillery. You can even take part in the tasting of various sorts of whiskies and even receive a certificate for it.

The most visited place in Dublin is (rightfully) Dublin Zoo. This place is so interesting that some Dubliners even have a yearly pass for it. Of course you have to visit Dublin Zoo when it’s sunny because the animals will be in places comfortable for them when it is raining and sadly, when some animals are in those places they cannot be seen.

The next most visited places in Dublin are of course the castles located there. Not counting the two castle – hotels that are found in Dublin, you can visit Dublin Castle and also three other castles located near Dublin’s suburbs. These castles are called Malahide Castle, Howth Castle and there is also a castle located in a place called Dalkey. Well actually Howth Castle is located on private grounds and you can only see it on the outside.

Farmleigh House

But luckily Malahide and Dublin Castle are actually very important monuments of Dublin. You can view them from the inside and outside for a very fair price. You will have a tour guide while exploring these castles which makes visiting them twice was interesting.

If you are a lover of these types of places then you really should visit museums that are found in Dublin. But before you begin your visit to the Dublin Museum we would like to recommend to you a place that isn’t really advertised that much, but upon seeing it you will probably get a cultural shock.

This place is the past house of the great grandson of Arthur Guinness – Edward Guinness. This place is called the mansion of Farmleigh and is located in the easily found Phoenix Park. Even though this mansion is still used as residence for guests of the highest level (for example the Queen Elizabeth lived here during her visit to Ireland) you can still visit it when Ireland isn’t visited by famous and/or important people.

The Decorative Arts and History Museum

Another positive in going to the Mansion of Farmleigh is that the Residence of the Irish President is located nearby so you can visit the Mansion of Farmleigh and the Residence of the Irish President in the same day. Also, you can visit these places free of charge, just like most National Museums of Ireland. Other National Museums in Dublin that don’t have an entrance fee are; the Decorative Arts and History Museum, the Museum of Archaeology and the Natural History Museum.

All of these museums are located in the centre of Dublin and you can either walk to them or cycle to them on a rented bycycle. There is another National Museum in Ireland, called the ‘Museum of Country Life’, but it is located in a town called Castlebar in Co. Mayo.

Wax Museum

But if you want to continue wandering around museums then you really should visit museums connected to literature. In 2010 UNESCO decided that Dublin will receive the 'UNESCO City of literature’ title. Dublin is one of only four cities that have this title.

Apart from the Museum of Literature Dublin also holds the George Bernard Show Museum, which was born in Dublin, James Joyce's Museum and the museum of Oscar Wilde which is located near the American College of Dublin. Even though the famous writer Jonathan Swift, who wrote the famous book ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, doesn’t have his own museum in Dublin you can still visit the place where he was buried. That place is the famous St. Patrick Cathedral.

You can also visit the burial place of St. Valentine, the patriot saint of lovers.

James Jouce's Museum

A list of museums that have an entrance fee would include; the Viking museum ‘Dublinia’, the National Leprechaun Museum (which truthfully, in our opinion, isn’t a very interesting museum), the Wax Museum, the Dublin’s Georgian House Museum (29 Fitzwilliam St. Lr) and the amphibious Jeanie Johnson Famine museum.

We just listed the main museums that you can find in Dublin. But there are also museums that aren’t well advertised. For example the Casino Marino, the Glasnevin Museum (Ireland’s Necropolis) and the Irish Police Museum.

Of course Dublin has a lot more places to visit and Dublin attractions then that, so we will continue this post in the not so distant future.

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