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Living in Ireland

Photos of Ireland

Today, dear reader, we decided to dedicate a post to the imagery you can find in Ireland and call it - ‘Photos of Ireland’. We decided to do this because when we describe a place or talk about something we only give you the photos associated with that place or thing.

We think that most of our readers that do not live in Ireland will have a hard time making a general, mental picture of Ireland with just photos from random posts. Maybe, if we showed you photos which we think best capture the ‘gem’ of Ireland, then you will have enough pieces of the puzzle to complete your mental picture of Ireland.

Botanic Gardens in Dublin

The first thing you will notice in any country and which will also be the thing that gives you the best impression of that country is its nature. Ireland’s nature is very diverse. Here you can find small town parks and squares along with the largest park in Europe – Phoenix Park, which is located in the centre of Dublin. The national parks of Ireland are of great importance and there are six of them all over Ireland. So far we have only made a post on Wicklow National Park.

Formal Garden of Museum of Modern Arts

Wicklow National Park

St.Ann's Park

Another interminable part of Ireland is its costal views, since Ireland is an island surrounded not only by the Irish Sea but also the Atlantic Ocean.

Dublin Bay


County Antrim

You can also add the places that have almost earned the title of being ‘Wonders of the World’ to important natural monuments of Ireland. These are the Cliffs of Moher and the Giants Causeway. And if you’re not one to get too technical about these things you can also add the Magic Hill to the list. Although to fully appreciate this monument you have to see it in video format.

Cliffs of Moher

Giants Causeway

So to end our little post about Ireland’s natural monuments we decided to show you photos of Irish lakes, mountains and hills that are an important part of Ireland’s landscape.

Carantouhill Mountain

Liffey in Newbridge

Irish Nature

Unexpectedly we could not fit all our photos of Ireland that would give you a better picture of Ireland in our ‘Photos of Ireland 2’ post. So in our next post you will see the photos that help show you other aspects of life on this island.

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