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Living in Ireland

Pet exhibition in Dublin

One of distinctive features of Irish people is their love to animals. We think that is can be explained by the fact that from the earliest times in Ireland the main occupation of people has been cattle breeding and ability to care after and communicate with animals has been handed down from generation to generation. It is not possible to be occupied with cattle breeding without love for animals.

For the time being, even in the capital, conditions for home pets are just wonderful. Considerable predomination of houses with lots of land in comparison with flats, great deal of parks and ever green lawns make walks with pets a wonderful pastime.

pet exibition in dublin

Of course, animal lovers like to gather together in order to discuss their problems, to share information about animals or just to communicate with like-minded people. One of such forms of communication is pet shows.

We managed to visit one of the largest pet shows and we gladly share our impressions with you, dear readers. By the way, last year, such show was visited by more than 22 thousand people.

performance of the dogs

From the first sight at the show you understand at once that here there are gathered true animals amateurs. Of course, they are not only dog-breeders, there also were lovers of horses, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and other exotic animals.

Being a person acquainted with base rules of dog training I was just astonished by exhibition performance of dogs under guidance of their masters. We even could not define who were the most talented, dogs or their trainers. And competition of dog sleds was just exciting.

service for the animals in dublin

It was also very interesting to see something real exotic. For example, a trained eagle or a little crocodile.

But what amazed us the most was different kind of service for animals. There were presented mobile washers for animals, mobile animal clinics and a mobile information and advertising automobile. In the country where people care after animals so much, people also live in comfort. And it is really true, and that is the occasion we congratulate all those who live in the country.

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