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Living in Ireland

The Oktoberfest -beer festival

For three years consecutively, in Dublin, the Oktoberfest Beer festival takes place. We think that the decision about organizing the festival in Ireland was taken by clever and far-sighted people. It is surprising that nobody had got to the idea before. Indeed, Ireland is the country of brewers, and the Guinness beer is totally the worldwide leader among Stout and Draught.

We can’t know what side, German or Irish, brought out the initiative of leading the festival in Dublin, but exactly, this was a best of both worlds event. Indeed, statistics and my personal examinations show that brewers are, as a rule, great admirers of beer.

beer festival in dublin

The fact itself, that Germany, being a country with high culture of producing and consuming beer, decided to share with Dublin their age-long traditions of leading beer festivals, reflects credit on the country. Judge yourselves, this year the Munich beer festival- Oktoberfest is exactly 200 years old!

This entire story began with mass open-air celebrations on the occasion of marriage of the Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese in October 1810 in Munich, which were so much successful that grew into annual beer festivals. But fortunately, the time of the festivals coincided the autumn’s celebrations of harvesting and finishing making beer and wine. Park.

the oktoberfest beer festival is in dublin

Of course, in Dublin, they do not “fire a gun” 12 times on the occasion of opening of the beer festival, and the lord-major does not extract the cork from the first tank, like they do in Munich, but remember the age difference between these beer festivals. It is interesting, how the celebration of the 200 years old festival is lead now in Munich, if for its 100th anniversary there was a tent for 12 thousand people.

In Dublin, at the Oktoberfest beer festival, everything is much more modest. There is only one beer tent, but is always crowded even after midnight. We think that lovers of lager beer from not only Dublin came to enjoy fine German beer, Erdinger. And considering the fact that one can also buy real German beer snack, such as sausages, different sorts of meat, we can resume that it is possible to taste real German meals for relatively low prices.

Presence of an orchestra of folk German instruments, as well as waiters and barmen in national clothes, adds more atmosphere of feast and merriment. And though here, in Dublin, there are fewer visitors than in the mother country of the festival, nevertheless, any visitor can very quickly find the difference between genuine German beer and Guinness. In order to do it, it is enough to visit the nearest pub after the festival.

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