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Living in Ireland

Newbridge House and Demesne

Travelling around Ireland, the feeling of spaciousness, never leaves us. Maybe it is because were born in near woodland areas in Russia, or maybe these feelings come from the hillside landscapes of Ireland, which are located almost everywhere.

So today we will tell you about an amazing place, location not far from the Eastern coast of Ireland, which has absorbed all the beautiful plants of island. We are talking about a place called the Newbridge Demesne. Remember, that this isn’t a suburb of the town Newbridge, set out South-West of Dublin, but a suburb of Newbridge House in Donabate.

newbridge house

Newbridge House is a well known place, built in 1752, by the architect James Gibbs on request of Dublin Archbishop Cobby. From 1985, this house is administered by Fingal County Council. The Cobbe family still maintains with the house.

Sadly we weren’t able to visit Newbridge House ourselves, because you have to have an appointment with the County Council. Also, you aren’t allowed to photograph inside the house. It’s strange how you can take photographs inside Dublin Castle but not inside Newbridge House.

a picnic zone in newbridge house demesne

But the Newbridge Demesne is nice enough to spend some time here without actually going to the house it’s self. Newbridge Demesne isn’t just a suburb with an interesting house; it’s a place where a landscape design is used.

Apart from the amazing views, this place has all the ingredients for a great weekend, including a picnic zone, with an allowance for barbequing and a newly refurbished playground.

newbridge demesne playing pitches

But the main attraction of Newbridge Demesne is its big farm, open to the public for visiting. In one year around 100,000 people visit it. Most of the time they are families with small children.

Here you can see practically every domestic animal and bird. And not only the ordinary but also in a variety of breeds. Also you can find not-so domestic birds there, for example peacocks.

baby animals in the Newbridge demesne farm

There is also quite a lot of space there for the displaying of farming technology of last centuries. There are different types of carts, wheelbarrows and even expensive coach.

The most interesting time to visit Newbridge Demesne is Spring. This is because Spring is a time for giving birth to off spring in the animal kingdom. So this is the best time to see baby animals in the farm. It’s fun to watch the mother take care of her baby or babies. All in all this is a very great place to visit, especially if you have a question like “What things to do in Dublin for Kids”?

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