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Living in Ireland

Visit to the National Sealife Bray

“How can we live on an island Ireland without knowing sea life,” we thought once. So, we set off to Bray, where there is one of the "Sea Life"Centre in Ireland.

Bray is a wonderful place to the south from Dublin, looking like beaches of southern countries. The first time, when we got there, it was a sunny summer day, and we got very astonished to see so many people sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the sea. You know that only hardened people can be as brave as to swim in the sea, as the water temperature is rarely over 18 degrees even in the summer.

sealife bray dublin

From the very first visit of the place we have tried to use every possibility to plunge into the atmosphere of the “summer world,” that is why all of us accepted the proposal to visit the aquarium with joy. By the way, it turned out to be rather smaller than we expected, nevertheless it was well conditioned with different expositions demonstrating life of sea animals.

There is a Seahorse breeding and Conservation Centre here. It is one of the most successful captive breeders of seahorses in the world. Expositions about life of different kinds of sharks and octopuses impressed us a lot. Do you know, octopuses have blue blood, three hearts and are as intelligent as the average dog! Generally, there are about 90 different sea species in environment, which is very similar to nature.

aquarium bray

You can watch everything carefully and compare with things you have seen or imagined before. But the most interesting is the process of feeding which takes place at different time for different fish. So usually, there is a possibility to watch the interesting process. We were simply enchanted watching feeding Rays. They were surfacing and clapping with flippers so funny that we just could not leave. But, be careful not to get too close however, a thornback ray’s bite can be as painful as having your hand slammed in a car door. We were just shocked by the huge size of a Japanese Spider Crab. Distance between its claws is about 80 cm, though it is not full-grown yet.

You better look at it yourselves!

The ticket for a person costs only 9-12 Euro depending on the age and at the time of sales, there is a 5 Euro discount.

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