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The Irish Classic & Vintage Motor Show Terenure/Dublin

Automobiles - the passion of many men and the luxury of most women. Owners of vintage cars are the gourmets of the automobile world. Of course some people got these automobiles trough inheritance, but most of them were actually bought.

Some people buy vintage automobiles in auto-auctions, others on specific websites and some just hope for a lucky break. A great way to get a vintage automobile is by attending specific motor-shows that are yearly held in Dublin. We’ll tell you about one of these motor-shows in today’s post.

For lovers of cars and especially vintage cars, motor-shows are very special and are prepared for within a years notice. This can probably be compared to kings and queens that wait for the ball, so that they can show off their diamonds.

There was around half a thousand vintage and unusual automobiles in this motor show, given by people willing to show off their ‘treasures’. As for the number of people that came there to have a look at the history of automobiles and maybe even to buy something for themselves - well let’s just say that their number wasn’t lower than the number of people giving their automobiles for the motor show.

Vintage Motor Show in Dublin

Nobody even hesitated in buying the €10 per person ticket. This was the same even for people that came in large families. Thankfully, this event also included entertainment for children in its programme. You could also buy drinks and snack in kiosks located around the area of the motor show.

But unfortunately there weren’t enough toilets for such a large quantity of people. There was a big difference there and in the Tall Ships Races where there enough toilets despite the larger quantity of people.

Vintage Motor Show in Terenure

Coming back to the subject of the motor show, we would like to say that we were personally more interested in the cars that were made at the start of the automobile era.

It was a great and educational experience being able to talk to the owners of these types of cars. The told their story of getting and restoring those cars with such pride that you just couldn’t help but feel happy for them and their ‘iron horse’. There were also covered pavilions that advertised companies that restore vintage cars.

Motor Show in Ireland

We made 330 photos of automobiles and want to dedicate our next post to the photos our favourite automobiles.

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Wonderfull old cars, best regard from Belgium

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