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Motor race Dublin-Galway.

Recently, for the first time, the Irish genome has been deciphered. We don’t know what peculiarities of Irish people were found by scientists from the University College of Dublin, but we don’t need any deciphering in order to believe that this nation differs by its aspiration to help fellowmen. Shall we remember the Daffodils Day" or the charity event “To Russia with love” and the fund raising for the poor children of Africa during Lent and others, less noticeable but not less important events?

motor race dublin galway

We had possibility to make sure of our conclusions concerning this feature of Irish people while visiting the place of motor race Dublin-Galway which takes place every year. We have heard many times about this motor race, but we didn’t know why this event has such great public reaction. We thought that it is just a motor race, like usual races of motorcycle lovers, like for example the festival of Harley Davidson’s lovers.

charity motor race dublin galway

It turned out to be much more serious and this annual motor race was meant to be a charity event for different medical institutions of Ireland. The most surprising, and maybe according to our story about Irish genome – the most explainable is the fact that the founder of this event was a simple Irish guy Nicky Carvin. 11 years ago he visited one of hospitals of Dublin and was shocked by lack of medical equipment for newborn children with health problems.

Being a passionate lover of motorcycles and a participant of several international motor races, he decided to organize a charity motor race for a hospital for children. Since that time the quantity of participants and sums gathered for charity have been grown enormously.

charity motor race in Dublin

So during 10 years of motor races, there has been gathered more than 1, 5 million euro for charity organizations. For example, last year they gathered 177,750 euro. The money is transferred into the fund of the motor race from the participants themselves and from private persons as well.

The motor race itself takes two days with one overnight stop in the town of Galway and it is organized on top-rank. The Garda, ambulance and technical service all escort you to Galway, where you get accommodation and entertainment.

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