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Living in Ireland

Maritime festival in Dublin

Life in Ireland is going hand in hand with the sea. Naturally, you can see here global scale sailing regattas, and competitions of local yacht clubs and trainings of water sports lovers. Those who prefer passive rest have stuff to do and see on the Ireland coast. There are not only aquariums and aqua parks, but different festivals related to the sea.

the performance of the maritime festival in dublin

About one of the festivals with participation of sailing ships from several countries we are going to tell today. It took place in an old but actively developing cultural centre of Dublin – Docklands. By the way, in this district, just few months ago, there was open Grand Canal Theatre, and in autumn, they plan to open a new originally designed Conference Hall, and a new tram line was put into operation. But theme of Docklands is the theme from another post.

sailing shps from denmark in dublin

Returning to our topic of maritime festival in Dublin, let us note that those who decided to spend their spare day there were not mistaken in their choice. First, there was a real possibility to not only see real sailing-ships but also visit some of them. One of the sailing-ships was a training ship from Denmark. The team of ship boys consisted of both young boys and girls in equal parts. We had possibility to talk with ship boys on duty tending the side. From their story we knew that sailing to Dublin took them two weeks. As it happens, in skills of rope climbing and even puffing a pipe ship-girls are as good as boys.

the team of denmark training ship in dublin

Of course, the festival was not confined to watching sailing-ships. There also were water safari and possibility to take a cruise along the river Lifey and watch performances of musical groups. On the day of our visiting the festival, we managed to watch a trio of sisters performing songs and musical compositions of thirties of the last century. Their performance was so exciting that spectators could not stand and started to dance to those old melodies.

For sure, there also were outlets and places where people could taste international food. In the program of the Maritaime festival there also was a swimming marathon, but unfortunately, we could not watch it because it was planned for another day. But the summer is just gathering its pace and that means that other Ireland festivals, too.

For example, the very large Tall Ships Races attract more visitors then festivals we previously described.

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