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Living in Ireland

Malahide Castle

If you decide to visit a real and well-preserved castle in Dublin, then except for the Dublin Castle, you will have the direct way to Malahide. You will find there Malahide Castle without any efforts. The Malahide Castle is one of the few Irish castles which interior and furniture are well preserved during the eight hundred years of the castle existence.

It can be very easily explained. Only in 1976, the Malahide Castle became a property of Dublin City Council an before that it was the Talbots’ property. Only during a short period of Oliver Cromwell’s protector ship on Ireland, its appointee, Miles Corbett, lived in the Malahide Castle.

Malahide Castle

He was a rather cruel person who being afraid of cabals and vengeance for his cruelty perambulated the territory of the castle on his horse every night. However, this watchfulness could not save him from a terrible death. While restoration period, he was quarted after being tortured and hung.

We mention this “black” page of the Malahide Castle history only for the reason of statements about ghosts’ presence in the Malahide Castle. One of the ghosts is Miles Corbett. In general, it is supposed that in the Malahide castle one can meet five different ghosts.

Malahide Castle

Unfortunately, and maybe luckily, they appear only nightly and we don’t have opportunity to stay in the castle at night. That is why we cannot approve or falsify the stories about ghosts of the Malahide Castle. Except perhaps we can wait for the ghost on the road not far from the Malahide castle, which according to the legend, appears there at his death day.

It is better though to visit the castle at daytime together with a guide and perform a time travel. For example, you can visit a splendid Great Hall, which was built by Thomas Talbot in 1847 and imagine how in 1690, right from this hall, members of the Tabolt dynasty were leaving for a battle. 14 of them did not return any more as they fell in a battle at one day.

view of Malahide Castle

You will be surprised by the Oak Room decorated in the 16th century and many other things. Considering the fact that it is not allowed to take pictures in Malahide Castle, you will have to visit the castle yourself and see everything with your own eyes.

The territory near the Malahide Castle confirms to the castle standard. You will find there wonderful garden and huge well-groomed lawns.

Beside this, in the yard of the castle, there is a museum of railway transport and a museum of old time toys. After visiting all of them, you certainly should have dinner in one of the small restaurants of Malahide.

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