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Living in Ireland

Peaceful Malahide

A wonderful place in the northern suburb of Dublin is Malahide. Situated at a distance of only a few kilometres from the capital, this district attracts a great number of tourists. We witnessed how from a rapid ferry, some people immediately made connections to a local train to Malahide.

Well, what is so special in this place? First of all, it is its tranquillity emanating from the nature and from sedately walking people who are evidently taking rest. Some of these people are owners of yachts landed in the Malahide bay.

yacht club in Malahide

Another part of the people are retirees who came to Malahide in order to escape the fuss of big cities and enjoy rambling along the picturesque coast of the Irish Sea and Dublin Bay.

If you start off from Malahide along the coast in the direction of Dublin, then along the length of ten kilometres you will both walk around the splendid beaches of Portmanok and visit the wonderful peninsula of Howth with its cliffs and grots. Approaching the historical place of Clontarf, you will see lighthouses of the Dublin Port.

the Malahide seaside

A savour of this promenade is possibility to taste delicious dishes from seafood. In Ireland, according to a small quota, fishing is strictly controlled, but different molluscs and crabs can be fished almost unrestrictedly. That is why these dishes in riverside restaurants including restaurants in Malahide surpass fish dishes in quality and diversity.

Telling about the district of Malahide it is impossible not to mention its part where the Malahide Castle is situated. The story about this castle will be presented in our next posts, but now we shall only note that the whole territory surrounding the castle is carefully protected and groomed.

peaceful Malahide

As a result, the visit of this place will give a lot of pleasure to everybody including adults and their children. Adult people can enjoy visiting the Malahide castle, walking in the forest and a wonderful park of the castle, action games on velvety lawns or visiting the museum of railway transport models and the museum of toys. Surprisingly, the old toys of the museum impress adults more than children.

And children will not stay indifferent to a wonderful playground situated almost against the walls of the Malahide castle. It will cheer up and calm down the most capricious ones.

In conclusion, we would like to note that having visited Malahide, especially during the summer months; you will experience the harmony of this place.

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