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Kings Hospital Private School in Dublin, Part 2

(The first part of our story about the Kings Hospital private school can be found in our previous post)

This school not only has the adequate facilities for students to do sports like football, tennis, hockey, cricket and rugby but also allows them to do sports that involve the students leaving the school, such as hiking, swimming and canoeing.

And what a spots hall this school has! It is almost as big as the National Basketball Arena in Dublin. Besides that, there are also rooms for fitness, with a variety of equipment. Not every Irish secondary school (even ones that are private) have a swimming pool like the one at Kings Hospital School.

But to stop you from thinking that this school focuses only on the physical development of its pupils, we will tell you that this school also prepares its students for political action. This can clearly be seen in the students that are involved in various youth conferences and forums, including serving on various committees in the European Youth Parliament.

Kings Hospital Private School

To give students the ability to expand their horizons and experience new things, the school gives them the opportunity to visit various foreign countries. Each year, a group of students from the school visit, for various purposes, different countries around the world. The geography of these visits range from India, Palestine and Israel to Germany, Spain and Poland. The most visited countries are those that are involved in the foreign exchange programme.

An important feature of Kings Hospital Private School is the sense of community and brother-hood in the school. And this applies not only to the students but also to the teachers in the school. In fact, almost half of the teachers in the school, including the principle, live in designated homes on school grounds.

This creates the atmosphere of brother-hood, which we just told you about. Also, this type of co-residence guarantees the safety of the students and really helps the staff and students to get along better.

As can be expected, such a high standard of education has extremely positive effects on the students. A lot of graduates from Kings Hospital Private School are people whose names are well-known not only in Ireland, but also in various countries around the world.

Kings Hospital Private School

Some students that graduated from this school became things like well-known scientists, politicians, ministers, famous athletes, hosts for various television programmes and people who realised their dreams and became highly regarded members of society.

It’s no wonder that having their children educated in this school appeals not only to ordinary citizens but also to very significant people. For example, the children of former Irish president Mary McAleese were thought in this school.

As you can see, having your child educated in this school would be a great way for them to start their life and career. While being educated in Kings Hospital Private School isn’t cheap, the best thing you can invest in to help your child in the future, is their education.

Kings Hospital Private School

And if you are intrigued by and/or considering the prospect of giving your children a worthy future, then we are happy to let you know that we are here to give you all the help you need.

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