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Living in Ireland

Irishman’s attitude towards life

Talking about life in Ireland we rarely talk about the economic situation in this country. Today we want to do just that. Talking about this will help you, our reader, understand Ireland and the Irish people just that bit better. After all, the ‘Celtic Tiger’ phenomena didn’t just happen all by itself; and even now, despite the economic crisis, most Irish people have a fairly high standard of living, compared to people from other countries.

Probably the most surprising thing about Ireland is that all the things this country has achieved, it did so without the help of natural resources, and in particular, arable land. Even fishing in coastal regions is generally kept to a minimum. So why is Ireland, a country with a population of only 4.5 billion people, so respected by people from around the world?

The answer is clear. This country’s main source of wealth is the people who managed to survive the ‘Great Famine’ that happened in Ireland during the mid nineteenth century, the poverty during the mid twentieth century and then managed to gain popularity around the world with the help of world-famous Irishmen. Statistically, one in four American presidents have Irish roots. This also helped the Irish people to get recognition from foreign countries around the world.

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