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Visas in Ireland, Part 2

In the first part of our post about visas in Ireland, we touched on the common problems of obtaining a visa in this country. Today we will take a closer look at the documents required to get an Irish visa. But first, we would like to list all of the visas available to people visiting Ireland.

If someone is going to Ireland, these are the visas they can apply for:

- A visa for a child that is going to be studying in a language or private school

- A visa for an adult studying the English language in an English school, and a student visa that grants them the ability to study in a college.

- A visa for touring Ireland by yourself

- A visa for touring Ireland in a group

- A business visa

- A visa used for going to business conferences and training

- A guest visa

- A visa for children involved in the Chernobyl programme

- A visa for people participating in sport or cultural events

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Firstly, we will tell you about the documents needed when applying for any of the visas we just told you about.

Of course, firstly you need a passport, valid for a minimum of 6 months after the end of your trip to Ireland. Two coloured passport photos. You also have to fill in and sign an application form. Along with that you will be asked for a letter from your school or workplace. If the letter is from your workplace then it has to say how long your holiday will last and if it is from your school then it must state how long you have been studying in the school and the course that you are currently doing. Another very important document is one showing that you have enough money to pay for your trip.

This document can be a pay slip you received from your workplace, or you can use you bank statement instead. If you are a pensioner, then you can use a document showing that you received your pension and a document showing that you own property. If the trip is paid for by a sponsor, then your sponsor must give evidence that he can pay for the trip.

Now we will tell you the documents required for the different categories of visa we previously talked about. If you would like to obtain a visa in Ireland with the intent of studying here, you will need a letter, in English, from the school or college you will be attending, stating that you have prepaid you tuition fees and accommodation (the payment can be partial); it must also indicate the address and telephone number of the school as well as all of the details about your place of residence, including address and telephone

Children who are not yet 18 years old also need an officially certified document, signed by both their parents, giving them permission to go abroad. In cases where one of the parents is absent, you must attach a document that proves that the parents are no longer living together (this document could be a certificate of divorce, a death certificate, etc.)

If you are applying for a tourist visa, then doesn’t make much of a difference if you are applying for an individual or group visa; the documents required are quite similar. If you are applying for a group travel visa the following documents must be given to the Irish embassy: a list of the people in the group, complete with their personal data, a complete plan of the trip, which must include the date of arrival and departure, a booking confirmation letter and proof that all of the members in the group have paid the correct sum of money.

If you will be touring Ireland by yourself, the Irish embassy will only need a booking confirmation letter and your airplane ticket. You also, of course, have to include the basic documents we talked about beforehand.

When applying for a business visa, apart from the main documents, you must attach a letter (on an official form and written in English) from your workplace, indicating the date and reason of your trip and a guarantee that the cost of the trip has been paid.

You also need an invitation from the host company in Ireland, confirming that the trip is necessary. It must also indicate the date and purpose of the trip. If you are the person paying for the trip and not your company, all you need to do is attach a letter from work, indicating your salary and bank statement.

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If you are applying for a guest visa, then you will need quite a bit of documents. Firstly, you will need an Irish invitation that contains all the details of the visit. It must include the date of arrival and departure, the address of the place where you will be staying, a letter from your host saying that they will pay for all the expenses of your trip and that they will pay for your medical bills, should you get injured.

You will also need a statement saying that you will respect Irish law and the immigration laws of Ireland. If the host and guest aren’t close relatives, then you have to specify when and where they first met and their relationship up until the time of application for the visa.

The host should also provide a copy of the first page of your passport, and if he is not an Irish citizen or a member of the EU then he will need a copy of his GNIB registration card.

An interesting type of visa is the visa given to people involved in the Chernobyl programme. In our post about the charity ‘To Russia with Love,’ we wrote that in Ireland, charities are quite widespread, and one of these charities sends dozens of children from places of radioactive contamination in Russia and Belarus to Ireland each year so they can rest and recover.

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To get a visa for this sort of trip, the Irish embassy firstly asks for an invitation from the charity, complete with a list of the invited children, the date (or dates) of the trip and confirmation that the charity has funded the trip and holds responsibility for the children during their stay in Ireland.

They also require a list of the families with which the children will be staying. The list must include their names, addresses and contact information.

If you need to go to Ireland for the purpose of participating in sport or some sort of cultural event, to obtain a visa, you will need to provide an invitation from Ireland, giving you permission to participate in this event. Also, you will be prompted to specify the source of your funding for this event and attach documents that support your claims.

In this post, we only told you about the minimum documents required to get an Irish visa, and we would like to note that the visa officer has the right to ask you for additional documents.

But no matter how hard you try to get an Irish visa, we honestly think that your hard work will be justified and as a reward you will receive an unforgettable trip to Ireland, the ‘Emerald Isle.’

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