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Living in Ireland

Irish Pubs

We have already written that Irish people have an energetic and sociable disposition. They are musical and cannot imagine their life without spending time free-and-easy.

As a rule, the place for such meetings is a pub. Pub is a short title derived from an English collocation “public house”. For Irish people, it is a real second home, generally, the same place, which they visit during their whole life.

farrington's pub of Temple Bar

One and the same pub can be the main pub for several generations of Irishmen. A pub is a form of spare time spending and living human interaction. Pub is a place where people do not divide by social status. A minister or an artist can simply drop into “his” pub and it will call rush. Habitues will just greet him with a short, “Hi, Bertie!”

Most visitors of pubs know each other by sight and also by name. The barman in a pub is not just a seller of heating drinks and beer, but also, as a rule, a nice good-fellow who knows problems of his regular customers. Of course, it is the case of those pubs which are not situated in the centre of the city, where most visitors are tourists.

P.Smiths pub

Of course, while being in a good company, there will be always found some place for a good joke and good drink. It is good that in Ireland there are good traditions of brewing and producing of whisky. But “Guinness” is mostly preferred by Irishmen. All the more, “Guinness” produced in Ireland differs from “Guinness” produced under a licence in any other country.

And if to this pleasant atmosphere of the irish pub there will be added a fireplace and live music, then it is no wonder that such household effects are created there. And of course, one doesn’t want to leave this paradise in such winter and rainy night.

irish pubs

Maybe because of such a long time, which Irishmen spend in pubs the rumour ran that they have undue fondness for alcohol. But being a Russian man who knows firsthand about existing ways of drinking, I declare that this rumour is exaggerated.

We are trying to tell you about the most interesting pubs in Ireland, but it is very difficult as only in Dublin there are hundreds of them, and each of them has its own peculiarities.

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