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Living in Ireland

Irish Photos, part 2

In our last post we talked about photos of Ireland and today we would like to continue showing you Irish photos.

Another important sub-topic when making photo galleries of Ireland is castles, and there are hundreds of them here in Ireland. This large collection of castles is connected to Ireland’s history, when during a long period of time this country was divided into a bunch of small kingdoms and every king tried to protect his life with the aid of a castle.

Ardgillan Castle

In our photos you will see a large variety of Irish castles, each castle survived differently up until present day. Most of them are ruins but there are also castle museums, castle hotels and round castle forts.

Ashtown Castle

Clontarf Castle

Trim Castle

Also it’s impossible to make a photo gallery of Ireland without pictures of its cities and most importantly, its capital, Dublin.




The sculptures found here in Dublin are also very original.

Sculptures in Dublin

Sculptures in Dublin

Of course the centre pieces of photos taken in Ireland are the festivals that take place here:

The festivals of St. Patrick,Street performers,Tall Ships Races, Bloom Garden festival, the Puppet festival,the Beer festival, the Viking festival, the festival of Harley Davidson lovers, the Maritime festival and more take place in Ireland!

Maritime Festival

St.Patrick Festival

The Tall Ship races

As you can see irish Photos easily characterise the country and explain why so many tourist chose to visit Ireland.

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