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Living in Ireland

Castles in Ireland

Castles are as much of a symbol of Ireland as Guinness and the Saint Patrick Festival. There are hundreds of castles in Ireland. You could spend a couple of days learning about the castle-museums. If you like it then you can stay a couple of days in a castle-hotel. If you still don’t won’t to leave the ancient castles behind you can hold a wedding or party for around a hundred people. Or buy your own castle and do whatever you want with it. We will only try to give a classification of the castles you can visit.


The majority of the well preserved castles in Ireland are hotels. To live in a castle, even for a rich family in a modern way is financially hard. To fully restore and keep the castle in shape would cost a large sum of money. It would be much easier to sell the castle to a hotel, which was done by the majority of castle owners in Ireland. All in all these castles usually have 4-5 stars.

Clontarf Castle-Hotel in Dublin

For example, there are two four star castles hotels in Dublin. These are the Clontarf Castle, located not far away from Dublin Port, and the Fitzpatrick Castle, located on the South of Dublin. For the most luxurious castle-hotels in Ireland, go to Ashford Castle, the old castle of the Guinness family in Co. Mayo, Ador Manor Hotel and Dromoland Castle in County Clare. Also in this list there is the Waterford Castle in you guessed it, Waterford and the Solis Laugh Eske Castle in Co. Donegal. Apart from the mentioned castle-hotels there are tens more castles which are used as hotels in Ireland.

Dublin Castle


Naturally, there are also castle-museums in Ireland. As some people know, the list of castles with well-preserved interiors include Dublin Castle, Malahide Castle and Dalkey Castle, located in the outskirts of Dublin. Apart from them there is also King John’s Castle, which has a museum of medieval technology in County Limerick and the Bunratty Castle in Co. Clare, where at night a costumed party is held along with entertainment and banquet for tourists.

To this category of castles are those that were built for residence, like forts for continuous living. These castles didn’t have any other purpose apart from this. A good representative of these kinds of castles is Ardgillan Castle in Fingal County Council and Parke’s Castle in County Leitrim.

Malahide Castle

Castles for Rent

An interesting category of castles are those that are used to hold events, like for instance, weddings. To use these castles as a year-long hotel would be quite impossible for the owners so they use them only on special occasions. To hold an event in this type of castle would be very expensive. This group of castles can include Liogh Cultra in County Galway, Glin Castle Limerick, Luttrelstown Castle in Dublin, there David and Victoria Beckam had their wedding. And Finally, Belleek Castle in County Mayo.

Ardgillan Castle in Ireland


Going back some time to when Ireland was ruled by small Lords, who to protect themselves, built castles. At the time of the protection of Oliver Cromwell and the battles against the Irish rebels these castles were destroyed. This is how the biggest category of Irish castles accured. Sure enough some of the castles crumbled before the arrival of O. Cromwell.

A brilliant representative of this category is the Dunluce Castle in Northern Ireland and Trim Castle in County Meath. These ancient castle were perfect before cannons were invented. It still amazes the tourists that visit.

Portmarnock Martello Tower


And now for possibly the last category of castles we introduce to you the Martello Towers. These Towers were built at the start of the XIX century at the time of the Napoleon war, to protect the British Empire from a possible attack on France.

Around 50 of these types of forts were built around the boarder of Ireland. Part of these forts was bought for living and you can walk right past one of them on your way from Malahide to Portmarnock, which is located at the boarder of Dublin. The other part of the forts is rebuilt for romantic parties. To rent these forts for 5-8 people wouldn’t cost much. For example, you can order a romantic party like this in peninsula of Howth.

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Good selection, some really nice places to stay and see among these castles.

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