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Imaginosity is Dublin Children’s Museum

Now it rains more often, it gets dark very early and it is not always pleasant to walk along the street. But little children do not want to stay at home. Where should they go in such weather? We would like to offer you to visit Dublin Children’s museum, imaginosity, which is situated in the South of Dublin.

We even do not know why this place is called a museum. There you will not find usual museum showpieces. It is just a huge children playroom, even not a playroom but the whole house, a wonderful Art Centre.


The building has three levels and on each of them you and especially your child will have a lot of fun. But let us talk about everything in course. On the first level your child will be able to become a shop assistant or a customer. There is a supermarket with all needed stuff there. Almost everything is just like in a real shop, carriages, scales, a cash-register and many different goods. There are even different departments including a butcher shop an fish market in this supermarket.

If you had your fill of the supermarket-game, then let us visit a kitchen. All kitchen stuff is there and even clothes for a cook. Children can make their mothers happy and prepare a breakfast for them. And it doesn’t matter that all the products are made of plastics, it is a game though.

dublin children's museum

Someone decides to be a postman. The post office is near here and one should examine unsent letters and parcels. It is also possible to become a doctor. Medical instruments are at hand and patients, dolls, are already waiting. And if your child is interested in technique, you will find here a garage with an almost real car and a petrol station. Future builders can enjoy using a crane which can hoist plastic bricks.

But now let us go upstairs to the next level. That is where it is very interesting! Your child can become a TV-star, a rock star or a theatre actor. For those who would like to try themselves in art, there is a theatre stage, a television studio and a dressing room. And all this have sound and light effects just like real. Costumes can be chosen suited to every fancy for actresses and young actors.

there are children in imaginosity

On the last level, right on the roof, there is a small playground. But do not worry, all safety regulations are observed. Unfortunately, in the autumn and winter it is closed so we could not visit it.

As a conclusion we would like to say that if your child is less than 9 years old, you just need to visit Dublin Children’s Museum, Imaginosity. You will not regret. It is much better, than the National Leprehaun Museum. We took our younger son there three times and every time he was simply enthused.

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