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Living in Ireland

Ice skating in Dublin

The snowy and cold winter stepped back from the island, but in Dublin one can find places where the winter is still showing its beauty. To such places we can class two ice-rinks, where people are ice-skating from November till January.

One of the ice-rinks is located on the roof of the shopping centre Arnotts. The peculiarity of the ice-rink is that its covering is performed according to the newest technology which differs from the usual technology of ice-producing.

Ice scating RDS Dublin

This technology, which is called Xtraice, has significant ecological advantages. This advantage is in the fact that while producing of ice the atmosphere receives 62 times less gas of carbon than while producing a usual ice-rink. It's no coincidence that in the famous Disneyland they use the same technology of ice-producing.

According to our acquaintances, it is much easier to skate on this kind of ice. Unfortunately, we didn't have possibility to taste quality of this ice-rink. But in return, we fully enjoyed usual ice of the second ice-rink in RDS Dublin.

We were full of impressions and even light rain did not prevent us from remembering the winter and our skating skills. That was because the roof above the ice-rink did not allow us to depend on winter caprices. It was very satisfying to see that the ice-rink staff were always present in the rink showing their mastery to skate and readiness to help to visitors of the ice-rink.

For the beginners there is a special place where using simple devices they can learn to skate themselves. Beside this, after each skating session is finished, a special machine cleans and polishes the ice.

a special machine cleans and polishes the

All this, as well as presence of a bar with hot beverage and sandwiches, allows visitors to have real rest and energy boost for a long period of time. Nevertheless, we would like to compare this experience with skating on the ice made according the Xtraice technology.

And that is why our next visit will be to the ice-rink Arnotts. Of course, providing that this winter does not retry the experiment with the real winter weather, when we will be able to make ice-rinks in our yards ourselves.

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