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The Magic of Howth Castle

Describing the peninsula of Howth, first we talked about its coastal part. But the central part matches its beauty and coastal views. It is caused first of all by the fact that Howth is an old mountain structure, which is in its highest part 170 meters above sea level.

And in the almost highest part of the peninsula there is a castle of ХVI century, Howth Castle.The owners of the castle were the dynasty of Lawrence, who owned the whole peninsula of Howth. Its founder, Almeric, won a Normannic knight on the Saint Lawrence’s Day and got this peninsula as a gift. Since that moment he decided to take the name of Lawrence.

the views of Howth Castle

Though Howth Castle was built several centuries after that event, it looks so naturally in the landscape, it seems to appear at the same time like the peninsula.

The views opening from the suburb of Howth Castle are astonishingly unusual. This unusuality is based on the situation of the peninsula itself. We can see not only wonderful sea views, like in the case of Ardgillan Castle, but also the whole coast of Dublin bay and the island of Irish Eye.

the views and location of Howth Castle

Even with the naked eye, one can see the peninsula a round-shaped watchtower, Martello Tower. These small round-shaped towers-forts are quite another story. We will only note that one of such towers-forts is located on the coast of the peninsula of Howth.

Unfortunately it is very difficult to get into of Howth Casle, because it is a private property. But it is easy to visit its garden. The garden, which is 160 years now, has mostly decayed, but rhododendrons have grown up to the size of trees and during their blossom season, they delight the eye with diversity of flowers.

suburb of Howth Castle

Howth Castle is related to a story about an Irish woman, Graice O’Malley, a famous leader of pirates, who once, having not got night lodging in Howth Castle, took a promise from the hosts of the castle, which from that time on, all travellers would have lodging and place at the table for meals. We hope that this promise is still being kept.

If you don’t get tired to wander in the suburb of Howth Castle, you will be able to visit a small transport museum, where there are gathered old Dublin tramways and to play golf on the golf fields near the castle.

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